Bios temp = NV monitor temp but core temp and Everest say different .H

hey... how are you guys...

i have a big problem.. i'm an overclocking fan... an i'm reading a lot of stuff and trying to learn even more... i'm opened to ideas.

my problem is this:

my motherboard says that my system is at a certain temperature... let's say 43 degrees C, this information is backed up by nTune which also says 43 degrees C.

BUT .... everest and core temp are registering 50,55,55,56 degrees C :(:(:(

my rig is overclocked ::

CPU ---- ---------- Core 2 quad Q6600 2.4GHz @ 3.0GHz
Motherboard ---- Asus P5N32E-SLI PLUS
Memory ---------- 2x1GB DDR 2 800MHz Corsair XMS2 @ Stock
GPU --------------- Geforce 8800GTX @ Stock

and i think that it's too hot... and i don't know which to believe.... i have a stock cooler and my voltage is set to 1.2750v

could someone tell me what is wrong?? which one should i trust and why does it not match :(...

my board bios is 1003.

i appreciate your help

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  1. guysss :)... plz help me :(
  2. i downclocked everything to stock until i find and answer to this problem :(
  3. Different readings from different programs is normal. Don't know exactly why but I would assume it has to do with calibration within the program somehow. I tend to trust most what the motherboard tells you.
    I would invest in a better cooler than the stock one if you are pushing your q6600 to 3.0 ghz though. Although you are not straining the processor, they do have a tendancy to run warm with out a decent cooler.
  4. sooo.. i trust the motherboard??? i put everything at stock settings and the cpu temperature is 28 degrees.. and the motherboard temp is 33. although i put the voltage to 1.14 instead of 1.2750... and whit stays at 43 when at 3.0GHz :( isnt that strange for a stock cooler???
  5. and it stays at 43 when at 3.0GHz :( isnt that strange for a stock cooler???
  6. i appreciate your help :)... what are your thoughts about this? is it normal?

    anyone can help?
  7. If the motheboard says it is staying at 43, I would not worry about it.
    How hot does it get under load, after you have been playing a game for about 20 minutes?
  8. I read your message in an attempt to find out maybe why different apps show different temperatures. It is more of a concern when you actually have hardware that runs hot and ramps up your fans all the time. You seem to have hit a spot where no one really knows. I would trust them in this order....BIOS temperature monitor, <and frankly all the rest could be wrong>, RivaTuner, Driver Software, and Everest Dead Last. Everest seems to provide bad info a lot, but I still use it all the time. I guess that makes me a bad computer guy.
  9. I'm a little surprised, and disappointed, by the responses here. The programs are reading different temperatures. Core Temp and Everest are reading core temps (Tjunction) and the others, given that they agree with the BIOS, are reading case temps (Tcase).

    If your idle core temps are at 50-55C, then they are way too high and your concern is well warranted.

    You need to see if your HS is mounted properly and really should get an aftermarket one. I'll get you a link.
  10. You will need to read the Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide and test it using Core Temp under Prime95 small FFT load. You will probably need to re-seat your HS, the push pin mounting design is crap. The XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 with the XIGMATEK ACK-I7751 Retention Bracket (Backplate) works well as an alternative. If you decide to use it, then be sure to cover the whole CPU with a very thin film of thermal grease, because the heat pipes don't allow for proper spreading through contact. Also check for clearance as it is tall, but will fit in most standard mid tower cases.
  11. No post delete button anymore WTF? C'mon Tom's stop F ing with us.
  12. tks guys .. im gunna buy the thermalright ultra 120 extreme and a ANTEC 900 case from south africa.. for now i will keep with stock settings until i get them...

    but my main question now is which temp monitor should i trust?? my BIOS ???

    if so... when i overclock it to 3.0GHZ on full load it does not pass 60 degrees with stock cooling... is this normal?? :S

    tks for the reply
  13. ohh.. and for the record.. that is the only cooler that i can buy here at the moment ... cuz i don't know where to buy others :(
  14. Can anyone else HELP ME :(:(:(

    i just wanna know what program i can trust... when i put the cpu voltage to 1.13v the bios temp reads 24 idle and 39 at load...

    but the coretemp reads 35-40-44-45 idle and 60-65--60-61 at Load

    wich one is true?????

    PLEASE i really need to know
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