EP45-DS3R with 8gb RAM Problem


I have a EP45-DRS3R with 4*2 gb corsair dhx 800 mhz ram 1.8 v jdc 5-5-5-18, running with 1:1 at 400 fsb, with a q9300 cpu.
Voltages are stock/manual, and i am experiencing memory unstabilities running occt blend test.
I have tried upping the mem voltage to 1.9 v no luck.
THe mobo is running with trd 9.

Please, nead advice how to stabilize ram.
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  1. i have some reaper memory that was wrong when installed in the same
    Are you running the ram in dual if so try it in single. Sounds strange but worked for me on my ram. (i am only on 2 gig ram though)

    Also what os you using. Forgive me if you know already but i read that 32bit vista had problems with ram at 4 gigs.

    Im using that board too.

    dont know if this helps but just wanted to share experience
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply. I can not run it in single channel because my mobo has 4 slots and for 8 gb of ram i have to fill all of them, and i use vista x64
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