USB to USB file transfer from PC to PC

Hey, I bought this on ebay

it is a male to male usb data transfer cable. I know it is one of those cheapies from china, but I havent had bad luck with those type of things, you just cant expect to get detailed instructions or help with it.

So I know it isnt an easy transfer cable, but this web site quotes that you dont HAVE to have an easy transfer cable in the following paragraph:
"While any USB to USB data cable available on eBay would do the job, you may want to invest in the Easy transfer cables that can transfer data from Windows XP-based computer to the PC running Windows Vista using Windows Easy Transfer program."
and that you can use any old male to male transfer cable. So I plug it in, and it turns out it is NOT plug and play. nothing happens when I plug it in.

So my question is, could someone give me a step my step (if possible) on how to transfer data (just files) from on pc to another with a generic usb male to male cable?

I have vista and xp computers in my house, I tried connecting the cable to 2 vista machines, then 2 xp machines, then one of each, but nothing happened on any of them.

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  1. It's very simple.
    All you have to do it plug in both USBs & go to "My Computer" on either of the PCs & the storage device should automatically appear. It's as simple as that.

    To find your files in XP just navigate here
    C:\Documents and Settings\ "*ACCOUNT NAME" \Desktop

    My Documents
    C:\Documents and Settings\ "*ACCOUNT NAME" \My Documents

    Internet Explorers Bookmarks
    C:\Documents and Settings\ "*ACCOUNT NAME" \Favorites
    Note: the drive letter may vary. ex; C:\ D:\ E:\ F:\ etc.

    In vista it's a little different. I think the folder is called "User" or "Users" in vista. Just navigate to that folder & everything else should be somewhat the same. Except pictures folder music, videos etc. are now all outside the documents folder.

    Good luck
  2. USB is NOT a peer-to-peer protocol, so you can't just connect two USB "host" ports (the kind that are on your computer) together with a plain cable. If the cable you have isn't a "smart" cable that looks like a "device" to both computers, it's probably not going to work no matter what software you use.
  3. The cost of external USB drives is so low now that may be better off to invest in one those to transfer the data and have a backup at the same time.
    If the cost of the transfer cable is anything like it is here, around AUD$60 it's not much more for for a drive.
  4. On problem with a using a regular USB -> USB cable. You would be connecting the +5V of computer 1 to +5 V of computer 2. Something tells me this is a No-No. I think the transfer cables are an open on the +5 V lines.
  5. I would ASSUME 3 things about this method:
    1. The +5V wire shouldn't be needed and may be harmful, so cut it.
    2. The RX & TX wires would need to be crossed over.
    3. A driver would be required to implement a communication protocol

    In my situation I have a Toshiba laptop with corrupted BIOS. The only means of flashing it is via an external usb floppy drive. My goal is to connect another laptop via a crossed over usb cable, and write a driver to emulate a USB floppy drive on the working laptop.
  6. Yeah, you would definitely need a USB cable with some circuitry added to it, like this one.

    As has been mentioned, it might just be easier to do with an external USB drive.
  7. That's the trouble,you bought through eBay. You should of went to dick smith,office works,bing lee,etc. If you would of,they are more likely to give you advice than your local pc repair store.
  8. dose the "Belkin Easy Transfer" work with larger file ( iso images, etc) like 4g ones or more
    i don't know if the cable connect the NTFS to NTFS or it's a bridge like NTFS-FAT32-NTFS ????
  9. There are several kinds of USB to USB transfer cables. The cheap ones from China may or may not work, depending on their "deviceid". They all use the same chipset internally, but expose different device IDs to windows.

    I would suggest taking a look at Easy Computer Sync, which is a good program that also includes an Easy Transfer Cable
  10. Can the two computers be connected over the network?
    If so, then this will be you could just look at this option for transferring large files between them without having to go and buy more gear.
    I transfer large files (4GB plus) over my network all the time and it usually saves a lot of hassle.

    edit: yeah, just realised the time span this thread has gone over...
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