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Hi everyone. thanks for taking the trouble to read this. I have a dell desktop and my secondary hard disk is failing. i have partitioned the hard disk into two but i already have a primary disk. the primary disk seems to work fine. but the secondary disk asks me to format it anytime i try to access any of the two partitions. i cant afford to format it because i have a lot of important data on it. I run chkdsk, it only recovered one partition. but the other where the most important stuffs are, it says it couldn't read some of the sectors. Someone asked me to downloaded Aacronis Disk Director. I installed acronis disk director and it saw the disk, the capacity, the free space as well as the used space. But it couldn't access the content of the disk. windows sees it alright but when i try to access the files, it says the drive is not formatted so i should format it. I tried scandisk a lot of times, in dos. it saw a lot of bad sectors it couldnt read, about 15 of them. is it that seriouse? i know that once there are bad sectors i may not be able to access some files but what about the places without the bad sectors. cant i access the files on the sectors that are not bad. a friend says i should put it in a freezer overnight but he didnt tell me how to do it. is it ok to try that? I need some help here. I gotta get these pictures from the hard drive. they are very important to me. or can anyone give me any software that i can use to retrieve ma files back? I need your help urgently. thanks. thank you. please help.
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  1. The freezer thing may or may not work. I've known some people that have had mixed results with it.

    What you do is put the drive in an anti-static bag if you have one, then into at least one freezer ziploc bag (probably two to be safe), then leave it in the freezer overnight. The next day, crack it open and make sure that there is no condensation on it, then plug it in and give it a shot, but remember, you don't have very long.

    You can also use a program called Recuva. It can scan a drive and attempt to read any files that it can.

  2. to replace the hard disk and get the new one
  3. The data recovery services I've done business with say they can recover data from any drive that is still spinning.
  4. And according to my tech professor I had last semester, the government has a few tools that can actually take data from a PIECE of a shattered hard drive.
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