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Hello all!
Im planig to build a computer. I though that my knowedge about computers was enaf but after spend 3hs reading the forum all I know is that I don't know nothing!

Ok.. I need to build a computer for extreme use of this programs:
Adobe CS3 all, from 3gb .PSD to complex websites.
Adobe Premiere pro
After Efects
Quick Time to convert video.
DVD to Avi converter
And only ONE game: Lineage II C7 and I want to make this game runs like a Lamborgini.

I went to Frys here in Las Vegas and I choosed some components to buy in a few weeks and now Im not shore about them.
Let me list them:

Motherboard: MSI K9A2 Platinum AM2+ ($169.99)
CPU: AMD Phenom x4 9500 TY ($149.99)
Memory: Single Module 2gb DDR2 PC6400 800mhz Patriot
ATX: Corsair 620w CMPSU-620HX
Tower Case: Tagan El Diablo bm ( 360mm side fan & 250mm Front fan + aditional back 12mm fan )
Video Card: Visiontek 3650 1gb ddr2 ( next step add one more )
LCD: No idea.
DVD combo: no idea.

Well... I love the motherboard, I think is one of the most expandibles and cheapest at the same time. About the CPU Im not shure if buy a Quad Core will give me more performance than a big dual core. I will expand the memory to 8gb in a second step and add one more video card. About the video card, I HAVE NO IDEA wich one is the best in the market for this motherboard for less than $250, and about the memory I don't know if the brand is really good. Forget the Tower Case, only cost $100 and I will buy one better some day... and... What kind of LCD you recomend. Same for the DVD brand.

Remember that Im thinking to upgrade the components like add 8gb memory and one more video card.

I don't want to spend more than $1600 in this first step. ( oh! by the way, I have a 320gb hard drive for this first step )

Im open to read coments like: Forget all and buy a ASUS.... But I didn't have good experiences with ASUS and exelent with MSI.

Im in your hands.

Thanks All. :hello:

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  1. How much will you be paying for 2GB? $40? So CPU plus memory = around $190?

    If you have to go with AMD, I'll suggest Phenom 9600, since Newegg is offering Phenom 9600 + 2 x 2GB DDR2 PC6400 (4GB) memory for $215, pretty much means 4GB is free (9600 alone is $215 on Newegg).

    Assuming you cannot wait to build this computer, I'd suggest to go with Intel Q6600 with x38 mobo. 2 x 2GB memory for around $80.

    Video card:
    $120 for GeForce 8600 GTS
    $150 for GeForce 9600 GT
    $200 for GeForce 8800 GT
    $250 for GeForce 8800 GTS

    No trick here, the more you pay the better card you get. I'd say 9600/8800 GT would be good enough for you.

    LCD- something from Newegg around $250-$300 (17"-19") with good reviews.

    DVD combo- prepare $50 for something silent (Sony?). I use a Lite-on for $30 and it works just fine (but loud).
  2. you should run 64bit os for those programs so you can up the ram to 4gb or more, and use a quad intel cpu clocked high

    you said extreme - you need max oc for extreme!
  3. ^Agreed on OS and CPU.

    My recommendations:
    P35-DS3L/R or P35-P5K-x

    everything else (ie case,PSU,etc) is the same.

    Nice choice on PSU.
  4. by the looks of thing you dont read many incoming threads, nor read THG articles, which is fine.

    but i guess you didnt get the memo that intel is the way to go in the +$800.

    i can only the core 2 quad range especially the q9300. that is a great CPU.

    you said something like your gonna get a 3650, then add another? that really only pays off with better cards, and would make next to no difference in Abode sudios.

    i would go ahead and get a 3750 or preferably an 8800gtsomthing or other (non of them are bad, but the more you pay the more you get). of course the 9600gt would also fit the bill.

    im currently using a 19" LG flatron which i got nice and cheap (£110/$220 a while ago) if its availbe get it, just if possible dont get a generica brand, and try and get DVI input.

    again with the DVD drive damn cheap now, you dont need anyhting specail. jsut try and get a SATA version. i go ans samsung one, and am more than happy so if you can find that buy with confidence.

    Please listen to us, go for an itle Quad at your price range.
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