can a micro atx power supply power on 8800gt, 9600gt, or ati 3850

Well, im building my own pc case to replace my old outdated xbox 360. My goal is to make a gaming pc with a case as small as xbox 1. Will a micro atx powerful enough to power on 8800gt, 9600gt, or ati 3850? If this 2 power supplys below cant handle it, what power supply is recommended? it needs to be small as possible. Current spec are:
Asus m2a-vm
Patriot 2gb 6400 Lat:4
AMD 4200 x2
xp pro
hdtv 720p
no graphic card yet

power supplys will they work?
LOGISYS Computer PS350MA MicroATX 350W Power Supply 220V FCC.UL.CUL.CE & CB - Retai [...] 6817170015

SP Group FSP300-60GLS-MJR MicroATX 300W Power Supply UL, CSA, VDE, NEMKO, TUV, CE, CB, FCC - Retail [...] 6817104044

or is there any very small atx power supplys.

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  1. Well Im pretty sure a 300W-350W power supply will NOT run a Geforce 8800 (and its peers) without problems...
  2. Well a Antec 380w Earthwatts could, but not sure how long it would last. Especially in a small enclosure and if the cooling isn't sufficient. See my link in my signature about the capabilities of the 380w PSU. I'm not sure about a small PSU, but I'd go with a Antec 430w Earthwatts PSU at a minimum with a 8800gt. Not sure if I'd put a 8800gt into a small case, because it's known pretty well at running hot. You could get by with a lesser PSU for the 9600gt or the 3850, since they don't require as much power as the 8800gt.
  3. How about adding a supplemental power supply like this FSP Group Booster PSU?

    -Wolf sends
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