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Hello, I am receiving the Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk and Press Enter error screen. It doesn't do it everytime. Just when it has set for a good hour or so off. I have a brand new Seagate SATA drive in it. I have tried the jumper suggestion in the manual but it didn't work. I have formatted and reinstalled XP and that didn't work. I have ran an exetensive long test on the drive and it had no errors. I really don't believe anything is wrong with the drive, cause why won't it fail everytime. I mean, everytime I reboot it boots up fine with no errors. I also think I remember it doing it before I got a new harddrive cause the old one started knocking and wouldn't boot, but I didn't think anything about it cause it had obviously failed. I really believe the motherboard has went bad. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks alot.
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  1. In BIOS, set the drive with the OS as the primary hard drive. Setting the drive as the first boot device will help speed up things also.
  2. Thanks, I wish I hadn't already did that. Sorry I didn't mention that in my question. I thought that would solve it too.
  3. I ended up getting a new motherboard. The old one had something wrong with the SATA section of the board. I guess I could have gotten a SATA card but something else would have prolly went wrong with the board.
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