green lines when watching video files

after watching a video file for about 5 minutes (fullscreen), green lines appear on the video.

then after closing the file down, the whole screen (desktop etc.) gets its too. this started to happen after i tried to overclock my system, so i set it back to default settings, but it still occurs. I also tried doing clean installs of windows (about 3 times), but to no avail. this also happens when i stream videos full screen too.

I thought it could be that i ran out of RAM. I opened task manager-->performance, but i had 1000+mb free. (i have 4gig ram).

anybody have a clue why its doing this? am i missing codecs?

i have to restart my pc everytime this happens, and its getting annoying.
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  1. evosaurus said:
    this started to happen after i tried to overclock my system, so i set it back to default settings, but it still occurs.

    Looks like your video card is artifacting, probably because you overclocked your card a little too much. Does this problem happen while playing games as well?

    First thing I would do is make sure the temps on the card are ok (around 45C-80C) If it's not overheating when the artifacts occur then your card is probably burnt out, and you'll need to get another one. I Hope that isn't the case, but it certainly looks like that's what the problem is.
  2. the thing is, i didn't overclock the gpu. all i did was the cpu and the ram. which software could check my gpu temp?
  3. ok, i used catalyst control center, and it says its at 54 degrees C. looks pretty normal to me. just opened a video file, green lines came back. same temp.
  4. Do the green lines show while you're playing a game or just with video? If it's just video does it happen with only certain types of video (i.e. wmv, h.264, divx or mpeg2) or with any type of video you play?

    54C sounds fine...that shouldn't be the problem, but it is very possible that your card is shot anyway, even without overclocking. If it ran too hot in the past, or was from a bad batch of cards something like this could happen. I may be wrong, but from my experience what I saw in the screen shot you had, and what you said about afterwards having green lines on the desktop as well really sounds like a hardware issue.
  5. nope, doesnt happen when in game. i was watching a video file last night, and it was ok for 40mins. so then i tried another video file, green lines appeared within 5mins. they are both AVI files. one is 40min long, and the other is 90mins. i will be getting the 9800gtx when it comes out. but this gfx card is less than a year old, no hardcore gaming, no overclocking. weird =/
  6. One last thing I would try is restart the computer, and start playing the second video file you played last night first, and the first one last. If the same problem happens after the same amount of time as last night even though the files are in a different order then it must be a hardware issue. If it's a big difference (not close to 45 mins) it could be a software issue.

    Good luck with the 9800gtx...I hope everything works when you get it.
  7. yeah i have tried playing the long file first. but still, get green lines.
    cheers for the help. and hopefully the 9800gtx will be alright.
  8. I have just bought a new graphics card, but I am still getting these green lines. I have also tried replacing my RAM and PSU. but these green lines still occur.
    I'm getting really frustrated right now, because I have no idea what it can be. could it be my motherboard? EVGA 780i.
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