Will 6000+ limit going SLI with 8800gts g92?


I was wondering if my AMD 6000+ will limit me when I go SLI with my 8800gts g92? If so, should I get a phenom...will that help me? Also, Im worried my 3dmarks score did not break 12000...is that bad?..with the system I have below. How much higher will SLI allow me to go?

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  1. you'll have enough cpu power.
  2. No you will be fine AMD x2 6000 is more then enough it wont limit your graphic cards. Phenom is not worth getting yet if your interested wait for the tri-cores.
    No your score should be around there. Check on there site and compare it to your other builds similar to yours.
  3. Surely a quad core might push 3dmark by 2k but for gaming purposes it is just fine as of now.
  4. Also check scores with cd2 and your GTS they will probably be higher because of a higher cpu score. I doubt that would ever translate into actual game play though. This is all just a guess on my part because I have an old 2400+ and a X1650Pro agp... :)
  5. I hit 12110 in 3DMark with my system, so I'd imagine with GTS's you probably won't beat me without a beat of OCing. :) I have no problem with mine!
  6. Does anyone know what kind of fps ill be getting with sli 8800gts g92's on crysis on high at 1920x1200?
  7. Not much its crysis. You should be getting around 40fps.
    Are you using xp or vista? any AA?
  8. no AA and yes on vista 64
  9. Ya then i think you should be getting around 40.
  10. with my q6600+8800gts 512 i did 165xx in 3dmark06 in xp.

  11. Quote:
    Well isnt that nice. Too bad that has nothing to do with the posters question.

    That post is from March! Don't bump an old thread just to make a comment like that... And I'm sure OP is somewhere else by now. :sarcastic:
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