Whistling Seagate?

Hi There,

I recently built a new system. Included with that were two Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1TB Drives (ST31000528AS). They seem to be a different batch to the faulty drives affected with 7200.11 and I've always had good experiences with Seagate.

However once my system has started up, once it's up to full temperature, I've been receiving a strange whistling, usually on doing really low cpu intensive and low graphic intensive jobs, such as, clicking on a newsgroup in Thunderbird, or switching tabs in firefox.

I think it's coming from the hard drive.

So I've installed HDDLife, but when I go into the properties, I see:

Raw Read Error Rate: Value 114, Threshold 6, Worst 100
Seek Error Rate: Value 66, Threshold 30, Worst 60

Everything else is 100, such as Start Stop Count, Reallocated sectors, Power On Hours etc, so Im not sure how correct or relevent this information is.

I do have a second disk, so for all I know, these numbers are correct for a 1TB disk. Im still concerned about the whistling though. Im thinking of, well, at least swapping the disk if that is indeed a likely candidate, just not sure how Im going to test it. But the final question would be, I guess, SATA RAID. Is it mature enough now?


1) Could I have a whistling hard drive? Has anyone heard of this before?
2) Does HDDLifePro (trial) figures sound normal?
3) SATA RAID - Mature enough?


System is Intel i7 920, X58 Chipset on Gigabyte GA-X58 Extreme.
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  1. And with Vista, I get a constant data churn.

    Hate this whistling. Why is it tied to switching tabs then?
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