Best Match for OCD E4500

What's the best card I could use with my e4500 OCD to 2.7 GHZ 4GB of Ram with Vista 64 bit. I currently have a evga 8600gt with 512mb. Or am I wrong in thinking the video card can be more capable than the CPU can deal with.
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  1. At 2.7 that CPU would be fine with the best videocard out there.
  2. Most of the cards out there should be fine maybe your cpu will bottleneck the 9800gx2 or ati 3870x2 a little bit. (BARELY)
    But your free to upgrade to whatever graphic card out, dont let that hold you back.
    Might i suggest the 8800gts g92 really good card.
  3. ^ Agreed. Add to the list:
    Make sue your PSU can run these cards and the CPU is good quality.
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