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3870x2 Crossfire X, no display..

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
March 29, 2008 12:27:22 AM

hey guys,
So this is the system i am building for a friend, and ive got everything going here, but I cant seem to get any video. The system turns on and everything kicks on watercooling is running smoothly. But I am getting no display on the monitor. Any suggestions? Im gonna check the memory here again, its the corsair dominator DD2 @1066 8 gigs.

I have seen it in the past where the system wont post due to bad memory. So I am gonna check that right now.

now the weird thing is this.. if anyone here knows bout this advise. This power supply has 4 PCI-E 6pin plugs. 2 PCI-E1 and 2 PCI-E2. The funny thing is the cards themselves have 1 8pin port and 1 6pin port. So i have 6pin to 8pin adapters. Now, does it matter if they are mixed? and how would you go about it?

This is my only headache now. Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.
September 17, 2008 7:12:57 AM

I have just had the same problem. I pluged my NEC Multisync 2070nx in to the card & got a signal but no display.

I am lucky that I work for a computer Co. that supplies kit to contracts, so I borrowed a Fujitsu 17" & a Samsung Multiview 20".

The fujitsu had the same problem but the Samsung worked (crap display though) I then pluged the NEC back in & for some reason it worked! so the reason for no display is still unknown, still waiting for Gecube to reply to e-mail.