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I am not new to computer building but never really got into the OC'ing stuff. I built a PC that will be primarily used for gaming and ripping/encoding HD-DVD/Bluray and would like to do some tests and see if OC'ing makes any sense for me. I am using a gigabyte X48-ds4 board with a q9550 quad core cpu. I have played around a little bit in the bios but for some reason no matter what i set the multiplier and speed to it defaults to 2.83g, im not trying any crazy numbers here just really trying to get to 3.0 and see how it runs. What am i doing wrong?
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  1. Have you changed the fsb to 353?
  2. read the stickeys first it will answer most of your questions.
  3. You cannot just raise the multiplier on your CPU.
    Stop what you are doing and go read up on overclocking before you toast something. :)
  4. 9X333MHz on the bios should hit 3.0GHz easy..
  5. You only want a 170 mhz overclock? Just bump the FSB up to 400 and set the ram to run at 800 mhz. Leave everyting else on auto and use prime95 to test stability. If it's stable, then start messing with the vcore or CPU voltages.
    @ flash_mz the Q9550 runs a maximum bus ratio of 8.5. Please do your own research before you make a post. P.S. you look like a retard now.
  6. @ aeiouandxyz,...
    Personally I think you look like the retard now. Everyone started overclocking at some point. Possibly the OP didn't realize there were resources to read first? Possibly they were trying something that made sense to them and things weren't jiving,... I am sure you have been there many times,... actually after reading your post,... I am sure you live there.

    Everyone else had appropriate responses,...
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