Do Vista x64 drivers work in Server 2008r2 x64?

Hi, will Windows Vista x64 drivers work in Windows Server 2008r2 x64?

I ask because my machine only has Vista x86 and Vista x64 drivers and I now have Server 2008r2 x64 and the only problem is the graphics. It's using the default Windows graphics driver, so everything even remotely graphically intensive either doesn't work or works, but is very slow.

I have the Gateway M-1624 notebook and although Gateway only lists the M-16, it didn't take long to learn that M-16 seems to cover all of the M-16xx models. At least, going from the M-1624 support for the driver downloads brings me to the M-16 downloads and the part venders of my part and the drivers all match up (Realtek audio, AMD/Ati VGA driver, etc).

It's about four years old and Vista was just dragging it down way too much, especially with only 2GB of memory. I need a computer to run a virtual machine on and although a laptop with a 2GHz Turion 64 x2 and 2GB of DDR2 memory isn't ideal for this, until the hard drive for my desktop comes in the mail, it's my best option. Vista was just too slow and although 7 was better, it still wasn't fast enough to work with it. Server 2008 r2 wasn't really fast enough until some major optimizations and configuration was done and it's fast enough for use as a temporary for my work.

However, due to the default driver, I'm stuck with a resolution of 1024x768 because it doesn't support wide screen resolutions. My 1280x800 display doesn't support the next up resolutions of 1152x856 and 1280x1024 and 1600x1200. 1024x768 was kinda annoying to use ten years ago and I refuse to use such a low resolution that I wouldn't use ten years ago on my old CRT monitors (1280x1024 and even got them up to 1360x1024, 1440x1024, and 1600x1200 as I messed around with their drivers and settings later on).

Point is, I just want to get graphics performance at least comparable to what it was with Vista and 7 and get my display at it's native 1280x800 resolution. The increased resolution is more important. I figured that having a proper display driver for my Radeon 1270m would help, but Gateway only listed Vista drivers. Thanks in advance for any replies.

EDIT: I think that adding the URLs for the pages in Support might make this a little simpler, so here they are:

M-16 support driver download page:

M-1624 support page:
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