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Today when I was playing GTR2 my computer just 'crashed', the screen turned black and the monitor went on stand-by, but the fans and leds were still on. The GPU fan also went on 100% during the blank screen(That normally only happens before Windows has started up).

Could the Nvidia drivers be the cause of this? Or is there more to this?

I had this problem before but then it only happened during some games(Settlers: Rise of an Empire and Assasins Creed) strangely enough it has never crashed during COD4 or Crysis.

My system:
E2160 @ 2.5ghz
GEIL 2GB Dual Channel (SPD on 2)
9600GT (FW174.74)
CM eXtreme Power Plus 460 Watt

I also tried running everything at stock but the problem still consisted

Has anyone experienced something similair or do you know the solution, don't hasitate to reply ! :P

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  1. no one?
  2. Did you ever get a resolve on this or do you still see it happen from time to time?
  3. I don’t know if it could have anything to do with this but perhaps you could look into it and see.
    I couple of months ago my spouse’s computer did something that sounds much like that except that we weren’t ever able to boot it up again. When we tried to turn it on the fans would start running for a little bit then turn off again. Apparently the power supply had died. It worked fine again when we got a new one for the computer.
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