How to apply thermal grease on Xiggy S1283

Hi guys, just wondering whether I have to apply thermal grease both on the cpu and the bottom of the heatsink for S1283? And for application at the bottom of the heatsink, should I apply one line of thermal grease directly perpendicular to the lines on the heatsink?

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  1. Directions on the AC5 website are very good.
  2. i have checked the guide at the ac5 website but it doesn't say that we have to apply both sides
  3. Well if it says you don't have to, then don't?

    You don't.
  4. for the s1283, since it has the heatpipes on the bottom, I've found it is best to spread a super thin layer of TIM on the cpu, then put on the heat sink.
  5. ^+1

    You dont want to use the instructions on the AS5 website for that heatsink because it has heatpipes on the bottom of it. That will prevent the thermal grease from spreading as it should. What you should do, as stated above, is apply a very thin layer of thermal grease on the cpu, none on the heatsink, and then attach the heatsink
  6. So just to confirm, I just have to place a thin layer of thermal grease on the CPU, and nothing on the heatsink?
  7. NO! not in my opinion. for best thermal performance i put a thin line down each heatpipe. any excess runs into the little gaps between the heatpipes and the aluminium, thereby creating as little thermal resistance as possible. i got the idea from LORD LUPIRON *bows* thread here:
  8. that looks like a good post! Thanks Venom.
    The only thing that I'm still unsure about is whether I will need to rub the 3 thin lined layers of artic silver around the heatsink? Or just simply leave the 3 thin lines there?

    Thanks again!
  9. nope, the pressure from putting the xiggy on the cpu and the heat/cool down cycles will spread it so that it fills the microscopic valleys, and any excess goes into those gaps. TIM isnt as good as metal for transferring heat, so you don't want a layer between the metal! all the TIM does is fill in the little gaps, leaving as much metal contact as possible.

    just look at those pics from lupi, no need to rub or spread it lol
  10. oh cool, that looks easy :)

    However, from Lupi's pics, it looks like the layer is very thin, and hence, there wouldn't be much spreading of the thermal grease to fill in microscopic valleys(I assume it's the silver parts between the heatpipes?)

    What does TIM stands for? I'm a newbie in this sort of thing. :)
  11. lol he actually used MS paint and "spraypainted" those lines in :P hehe just put three lines on then unmount it (if u feel like it, i hope you haev the retention bracket) and see what the spreads like. could also let it run for a week before doing that.

    have you actually already mounted it or? that way you could see temp difference :)

    btw, TIM stands for Thermal Interface Material. aka thermal grease/paste.
  12. i am only ordering the parts next week, so I just wanted to make sure everything is in order :)

    Thanks for the advice V3nom. What's the temp range that I should be expecting by mounting the S1283 properly?

    Thanks again!
  13. well i HIGHLY recommend getting the Xigmatek Crossbow bracket (make sure its the one for 3 heat pipe coolers). temp range depends on cpu, case fans, ambient temp (ie where you live) etc! can't give you that i'm sorry lol only a comparison between different coolers..
  14. cool thanks, I'm definitely getting the Xigmatek Crossbow bracket

    hopefully it's the right one :)
  15. yep, hey cool u live in aus :) my brackets in the mail from pccasegear. good site u should check it out :D

    yeah just to let u know itech is famed, but the prices suck. lol. if u live in brisbane, umart is the only way to go! i really do thinkt hey have the best prices except for a couple of dollars give or take... crappy site layout tho
  16. i live in Sydney, so i can pretty much pick up the items from a couple of shops here around the city, save approx $100-150 in total. If you're interested I can recommend you a couple of them.
  17. haha ok i will check out the prices :P
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