Is ahci good for maxtor hard drives

i hav maxtor 160 gb hdd. should i use AHCI . Is there any benifit
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  1. ahci is the native sata protocol. In most cases you won't see much difference between it and IDE emulation. It does allow for NCQ and hot swap on supported drives. If your using XP you may have to reinstall. Also you'll need f6 drivers inorder to get it to work on xp. Vista and windows 7 have native drivers built in.
  2. i know how to install using f6. Can you plz tell me will it speed up my drive for rendering and booting or should i keep using IDE port.

  3. NCQ will not speed up boot or rendering times. It's useful for multitasking but even then it's barely noticable. So my answer would be no, keep it the way you have it.
  4. Thanks a lot for your advise. I also heard that if you enable AHCI you cannot use that HDD on other PC is it true.
  5. No it's not true. I've moved plenty of drives between PC's that we're set as ACHI. You just have to remember to also set ACHI on the new motherboard.
  6. thanks. can u please also tell me than what is the benefit or usage of Ahci port.

    And i also want to know should i use a separate HDD for rendering will it speed up my work

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