keep stock cooler w/o overclocking

Hi. I'm buying a e8500 or q9300 next month. I want to know if i should use the stock cooler if i'm not overclocking or buy something

like the arctic cooling freezer 7. The most important for me is to have a silent cooler and don't want to spend a lot of money.

Thanks in advance
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  1. If you can afford it, I'd upgrade the cooler anyways. But that's just me, cause stock coolers frankly are typically horrible. Even without OC, if you get that CPU running anywhere near 100% load you'll be pretty hot with a stock cooler.
  2. I can't speak for Quads but I have the Xeon equivalent of the E8400 with the AC F7P you mention and whether set to PWM or Full Speed I cannot hear it over my 4 120mm and 1 140mm case fans....

    Temp wise I sit @ 25c currently Idle, never over 39c Load (Its chilly in here)

    Summer it sat @ 40c Idle/ 50-55c Load w/o AC in my room. YMMV especially if your room has Air Conditioning
  3. There is ABSOLUTELY no reason to get an aftermarket HSF to cool the processor unless overclocking MORE than say 25% (I have had my e7200 overclocked further on stock cooling without heat issue), UNLESS you like giving away money to support the economy or you are trying to setup a system where you can have just as good or better cooling WITH less noise on stock speeds.
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