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there were complicated fixes listed on youtube for how to get riven to work with vista. i never figured that out. quicktime was the first problem. now i have windows 7 and quicktime is still the first problem. is it that riven is a game that needs to be rewritten for windows 7 or that it will be a game of the past, like space invaders.
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  1. Wow... a game from 1997 will need a re-write. Have you tried running it in XP Mode in Win 7?

    As for QuickTime, it's cr@p. Try this: http://www.free-codecs.com/download/quicktime_alternative.htm

    Also try VLC for QuickTime vids/format.
  2. I doubt Riven's performance in XP Mode would be anything to write home about. VMware Workstation 7 would be able to do it... but the OP will have to lighten the wallet a bit for that.
  3. Should I just give up on Riven or find Riven for a video game player? Is there a new version of Riven out for newer operating systems? Is there anything quite like Riven out there in the game world that I might use since I cannot get Riven to wrk with Windows 7 and if I did, the resolution wouldn't be good.
  4. I am running it on Win7 Ultimate 64-bit. I also had some trouble getting it to run initially and don't know for sure why it started working. There was a patch released from MS about 4 weeks ago that had to do with some kind of generic application compatibility. I was in the middle of learning how to install/run XP compatibility mode when I suspect that this patch fixed the problem for me. Do you have all your updates for the OS? I can add some specifics when I get home tonight.

    Turns out mine is called Risen. Sorry to bother. You're original post sounded like my complications with this game. :whistle:
  5. Skit75's response is a real riot and judging from the zero activity around the almost 13 year old Riven and attempts to run it on a whole new generation of windows, makes me realize that this is a ridiculous effort on my part. So long you Riven, or is it Risen people!
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