New Intel P4 Stock Fan Issues

I need help..... I just installed a intel stock fan on my T5082 Emachines and its cooling about as good as the last one witch was 70c+!!!! The grease is on there but the only thing i didnt do is put alcohol on my CPU to completely clean it but i just wiped it off and put the Intel Stock Fan in and its not changing im trying to cool this sob!!!! not heat it HELP
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  1. Here are some possibilities:
    1) Did you install the new CPU cooler with the motherboard outside the case? If not, it's often just about impossible to completely install the 4-pin cooler retention system. Check out this post for info:
    2) Is the cooler designed for a Pentium 4? Intel makes many different CPU coolers, some of which only work for lower-power CPUs.
    3) Is there enough ventilation in the case? If cool air from the outside is not getting in, the CPU cooler won't be able to fully cool the CPU.
    4) What cooler was on there before? Have you replaced the CPU or otherwise changed the internal configuration of the system?
  2. yeah its locked in tight and everything i wonder if i need thermal paste like artic silver to make it better and its copper core and very big i just wonder whats wrong and its designed for a C2D up to 2.2 and a P4 up to 3.8
  3. Oh and my CPU is a 631 P4 3.0 GHZ and no i only altered the fan and graphics card
  4. I have a p4 3.2 and I had a heck of a time with that stupid heat sink. I thought it was locked down but when I went to check it by giving it a tug the damn thing would pop out. Horrible design IMO. I went out and bought an aftermarket one that screwed down to a bracket behind the mainboard. Since that my temps under high use are about 52 C.
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