why is my computer being slow when im opening stuff??

im getting some crucial ballistic 2gb 800mhz of ram and want to know if it will make my dell demension c521 desktop faster. i now have 512mb with vista. its when im opening almost any applications. im not playing any games. it crashes sometimes when im doing alot of stuff.
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  1. 512mb ram definately isn't enough. Vista hogs 1+gb of ram by itself.
  2. just to make sure youre not confused....i didint install it or get it yet so it still has 512mb. so will the 2gbs helP???
  3. 2g will be a huge improvement. I cant stand to use Vista on 1g, i cant imagine 512.
  4. 2GB is worth the cost of the upgrade from 512mb, take my word on it. Get rid of that stick and get 2x1GB sticks or add 3x 512mb sticks of the same brand and type of the stick of ram u got now. (chances for less problems that way). I would go with the 2x1GB sticks (possibly cheaper too). :)
  5. I wouldn't even run XP on 512MB of RAM. The minimum RAM for Vista to run smoothly is 2GB.
  6. Adding RAM has been the most cost-effective upgrade for Windows PCs for the last 15 years. It's especially true this year with DDR2 at the lowest prices ever and with Vista consuming so much. Go for it. Get 4GB if you can.
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