Ok guyz firstly,I am kinda in a compromised state to 'have to use' vista that too x86 :pfff: .My system config is:-
E7300 @ 3.33GHz
4GB DDR3 RAM 9-9-9-24 @ 1333MHz 3325 MB usable for x86 restrictions :??:
250 GB 7200rpm Seagate
500 GB 7200rpm Seagate
HD 5670 @ 850 / 1110 Gaming oc
Will upgrade Gfx card soon ;)
1366 x 768 LCD

My question is simple how much am i having a performance hit considering i was using windows 7 x64 ultimate previously :love:
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  1. Well, get W7 x64bit and 8GB for $30 and u will have increased your performance in smoothness, but not in the speed.

    SSD will help u greatly, if u will stay with the same CPU.
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