New gaming/audio recording rig - advice needed

Yo, I came here sometime last year saying that I was gonna build a computer, unfortunately, the whole money thing didn't work out for me. But now, I'm set, and I just bought an 8800GTS 512MB to start me off and make sure that get done what I intended to in the first place. Building a badass computer.

Ok, so I want to play anything out right now in high resolutions (I'm looking at getting that 28" Haans G LCD, 1920x1200 or something ridiculous like that). I'll be using it for audio recording, video editing, and eventually I'm gonna get back in to 3d modeling. Remember, GPU is the only thing set in stone right now. Anything you'd change?

Case: NZXT Zero
Mobo: LGA 775 Intel 975X ATX Intel
PSU: Zion Supernova 800W
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
Memory: A-DATA 2x2GB DDR2 800

My big questions...
Hard Drive: well, I really want Raptor's cuz 10k rpm sounds fast. Though I suppose I could get 7200's w/ bigger capacity for cheaper and put them in RAID 0 or something. I mean, I'd eventually like to have a bunch of HD's in here. I want something really fast for gaming, so I'm thinking a 150 GB Raptor. Then for all my music and audio layers and video files, I'd be going for capacity over speed, so maybe a big 7200 for that. Think I should get one of each then? Is it even possible for HD's of different speeds to be hooked up? And how many HD's can I hook up to this system, I have no idea where it tells me that, I'd imagine it's something on the mobo.

OS: Well I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get Vista, I want this PC to be as future ready as it can be... though that whole 10.1 thing kinda makes me nervous as I've never done this before. I figure I'll be fine with the GPU I have now. Anywho, I'm gonna get Vista 64 bit, so do I want Ultimate or Home Premium?

Finally, I'm pretty sure everything is compatible with everything else, but I'd like it if someone else told me I was right. Anyways, thanks for the help:)
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  1. 975X is old. It's solid though. Go with P35 or X38.

    Not familiar with the psu. I'd go with a tier 1/2:

    1 sata connector to 1 sata drive. Take the 975X for example: it has 8 connectors and supports up to 8 sata drives out of the box. You can buy sata pci cards for more drives if you want. Most of them cards do 2 sata drives. If support for drives is the issue, go with a board that has more pci slots. The 975X has only 2 pci slots. BTW, since you can't sli on Intel chipsets, the board will have 2 pci-e empty. IMO, you should pick out a P35 board with only 1 pci-e slot & the rest pci slots.

    I believe Vista Ultimate comes with both 32-bit & 64-bit on individual dvd. That's the case for my friend's copy bought at launch. You might have to write to MS for the 32-bit copy. Go with Home Premium at the minimum.
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