Can ATI cards output 1360x768 like nVidia cards can for LCD TV?

Hi, I have an LCD TV that accepts 720p, 1080i, and 1360x768 over HDMI for 1:1 pixel mapping (no scaling).

Someone posted that the catalyst drivers cannot yet output at this resolution. I'm very interested in an HD3450 or HD3470 for the hardware acceleration of HD material. I've used nothing but nVidia cards, whose drivers have allowed me to simply enter that resolution @ 60Hz with no problems without the need for Powerstrip.

Can anyone look to see if that's possible now with the Catalyst drivers?

Also, do the available resolutions within Catalyst depend upon the card that's being driven?

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  1. I'm once had a ATI x1950pro on a 1368x768 32inches lcd tv and it was working fine in every game and application using the latest catalyst drivers. Working on cat 8.1 and 8.2 for sure.
  2. OK, but my TV does not accept that resolution over DVI/HDMI.

    It only accepts 1360x768.

    Can ATI cards output that resolution?
  3. YES it CAN.dont mean to scream but I have a HD2900pro which I am using with an LG 47''1080p,5ms,800:1(I love this tv) and I have played The Witcher at 1080p or 720p.So yes works very well
  4. OK, but are you using 1360x768?

    Yes or no? I would guess that you are not if you have an 1080p LCD TV.
  5. 3rd time. YES..
  6. 4th time YES. the card will support the standard screen size that it detects.
  7. OK thanks, guys. It's just the first couple responses left a taste of doubt in my mouth.
  8. Yes it can.

    Be aware, on my TV I have a problem in that the screen reports it supports 1360x768 @ 50hz which windows tries to enable but the pannel does not support it leaving me with a black screen.

    If I use ATi's CCC and set 1360x768 @ 60Hz it all works fine. Windows will always try and select 50Hz for some reason.

    My HTPC is currently running with an HD3470 card playing back BD movies in 1360x768 res
  9. What part of yes dont you understand?
  10. Here is a shot of the supported resolutions I can set with my HD2400 on my 1080p display.

  11. I ran across this old thread when wondering how common support is for 1360x768 since that's the max resolution of the PC input of a TV I'm considering.

    I then decided that it was a good candidate for my campaign for civility in forums.

    OP asks about support for 1360x768. Response #1 mentions 1368x768. Note the different numbers. OP repeats the question. Response #2 muddles his response with irrelevant mentions of 720p and 1080p, neither of which is 1360x768. Lacking a clear response, OP repeats the question and is promptly jumped on by a couple of responders. OP then thanks everyone, expresses some doubt about the first responses, and is jumped on one more time for good measure.

    There was finally a complete, clear answer from Qwakrz. The rest of the noise should not be necessary, and could perhaps be avoided if people would practice some reading and writing skills.
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