overclokcing HELP!

Hi guys

i am currently running:

abit ip35 pro
q6600 @ 3.15 GHz - 1.32 volts
4GB of geil ram @ 900 Mhz -2.275 volts
8800 gt

multiplier at 7 and the fsb @ 400 with a 1:1 ratio

i can only run prime 95 for around 10 minuites until i get a fatal error on one of the threads i want my machine very stable so please help!
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  1. lower the fsb. or raise the voltages.
  2. if your multiplier is at 7 and your fsb is at 400 wouldn't your overclock be 2.8Ghz and not 3.15Ghz?
  3. srry mistake there fsb is @ 450
  4. try lowering your fsb and instead increase your multiplier to 9. This will take the strain of your memory which seems to be running with some pretty high voltages. In turn you might want to relax your memory timings as this is will narrow down the variables you're dealing with when you overclock. Once you get everything stable, you can go back and try tightening up your memory timings and upping your ram speeds.
  5. ^+1

    I don't understand why folks keep overclocking their memory. A higher CPU 3.4ghz +760mhz ram will perform better than a lower 3.15ghz +900mhz ram system.
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