First build ever, need mad help

Hey, im about to build a pc for the first time to replace my really really really old one, I’ve been doing some research and know about the upcoming changes in the next few months but I really cant wait any longer (than a few weeks), and well, theres always going to be something new around the corner anyway.

I have absolutely no experience on building a pc (will have to google some manuals once I order everything just in case too), so I’ll value every input and advice I can get from you guys.

I already have an lcd and will keep keyboard, mouse, speakers, dvd burner and a hard drive too.

Ive never overclocked and don’t think I will (at least for now), but id like to keep the window opened for some minor OC in the future, however is very low on the priority list as I came up with the spec.

Don’t plan to upgrade in the next couple of years (at least), I could however end up selling the video card and buying a new one down the road wich is one of the reasons for getting an x38 (pci express 2.0).

Heres what I have so far, if anyone knows a better deal or has any suggestion or helpful input it would be greatly apreciated

After a lot of thinking, research, benchmark reading, forum reading, etc etc, and based on my needs (some gaming but also a lot of multitasking, some video work, and something that will be at least a lil better prepared for the future) I decided ill get a 45nm quad


Either Q9300, or Q9450, I understand from an oc point of view, the q9450 would be better, but how about for a non OC? Would it be worth it to get the q9450 over the 9300? Would the extra cache help significantly? In what area ? Would it be better on the long run?

Im still not clear on wich one of those but I do know it will be one of those, help appreciated.

GIGABYTE GA-EX38-DS4 $206.99

i was looking at some p35 gigabyte boards, but ended up choosing this one, its about $25 more than the one I had in mind, the newer chip, dual pci 16 2.0, good audio, and being the cheapest realiable x38 I could find helps. I know a dd3 board would be more “future proof” but honestly it would elevate the price considerabily on the board, the ram, and the benefit right now wouldn’t be worth it

video card
EVGA GeForce 8800GT 512MB $199.99

I do know the GTS gives better performance and works cooler but this one is also cheaper : ( wich is why unless I find a great deal ill have to go for this one, besides like I said, going for the x38 I could end up getting a newer one down the road, or even go crossfire


I have a question here

G.SKILL 4GB(2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1000 (PC2 8000) $99.99

G.SKILL 4GB(2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) $144.99

is there a real performance diference between this 2? Any other difference outside the speed? Wouldnt both actually work at 1066? (that’s what I think I read somewhere, could be mistaken), is the difference worth the extra 45% price?

Hard drive

Tricky part too I was looking at the Samsung spinpoint F1 (500gb model), but read a bunch of people were getting doa, and errors after a while, ended up choosing the 7200.11 500GB wich ive read is a great drive too, honestly 500gb is more than i need, i delete and burn staff, and have another hdd around, i do not want however to end up having to rma, anyone knows a good deal on this that hopefully allows pre-test other than directron?


Don’t know here either, look at the current specs I have in mind, Whats the minimum-recommended I would need? 500w work? 550? 600? How could I know? i honestly wouldn’t like to get a lot more than id need, I will always use a maximum 2 hdd, and probably wont oc, would this work?

Corsair VX 550W ATX $64.99

could I go lower without absolutely no worries? Should I go higher?

Ok and how about if I went crossfire in the future and/or did some very minor air oc? Would I need to go 600? 650? 700?

Has anyone bought from I know newegg and directron are good but don’t really know that one

Finally the case, honestly I just need something that gets the work done, something to hold everything together with decent cooling, I do not need windows, side panels, lights, anything, just as basic as it could get (without being absolutely horrible), I do not know here, would any case work for this mobo and psu? What would I need to look for?

Ill also be getting some dvi cable and a cheap pci fan , but that’s about all I have so far, do I need anything else? do i need to buy anything for the mb? some kind of fans? extra cables?

Sorry for the long post and again, I appreciate any input/advice/comments you guys could give me
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  1. Look at Antec P180/182 for a case, or maybe a Lian Li. The rest of your list looks pretty good, I don't think you need to go with 1066 RAM, 800 should be fine.

    As for CPU, I'd say go with the 9450, because as you said, it's better to OC, and even though you aren't planning to now, it's nice to know you'll have a good chip for it in the future if it ends up being something you're interested in.

    PSU - Go with 550+ I'd say... Corsair VX/HX are great PSU's, otherwise OCZ makes some nice ones as well in the 6-700 range. Corsair HX psu will be modular, which means less cable clutter, and I know a couple of the OCZ's are modular as well. Antec NeoHE is a good PSU as well, I use the 500w model to power my PC.

    As for advice... don't stand on carpet, and uh... touch the non-painted metal frequently on your case to ground yourself. Static can be a killer, but I don't think wrist straps are necessary.

    Good luck.

    Oh and, shouldn't need any extra fans or cables with any of that. Although depending on what case you get... it could end up being beneficial to add extra fans.
  2. Thanks so much for the help, one question tho now that you mentioned ram, do you know the difference between those 2 i listed? shoudlnt both work at the same speed? should i stick with the cheaper one?

    ill try to get 550+ psu then i guess, and OTHER than OC, do you think the 9450 would give me real worthy benefits over the 9300? would the extra cache make it that much better in short or long run?
  3. You could use DDR2 800 and be fine.
  4. The ram has specific speeds. DDR2 800 would be 1 to 1 if you were to overclock the 9450 up to 400mhz x 8 (multiplier for the CPU) and would give you a safe overclock of 3.2 GHz.

    If you are not planning on overclocking, or not overclocking a ton, the 800 will be more than enough.

    If you are not going to overclock at all, DDR2 667 would be 1 to 1 with your current selection (though makes very little sense, considering how cheap DDR2 800 is nowadays).

    Have fun with your build. I remember my first not too long ago.
  5. thanks guys for all the input, i kept the ddr2 1000 and 1066 options just in case i went for the 9300, would be easier to oc with it over ther ddr2 800 wouldnt it?

    so on ddr2 800 ram the 9450 could go on safe overclock to 3.2, how about the Q9300 on DDR2 800? would it easily reach 3.0 then? how about DDR2 1000 ram and the Q9350? what would be a safe overclock with that?

    ill start checking for a good ddr2 800 deal now and think about it tho

    thing is low latency ddr2 800 would be almost as much as this ddr2 1000

    wich is why i really want to know if theres a serious difference between that and a 1066 or it would be the same for all purposes.

    also if anyone could answer me about the cpu, it would make my choices easier for ram too.

    form a non oc point of view, would the 9450 give me real worthy benefits over the 9300? would the extra cache (twice as much actually) make it that much better in short or long run?

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