Multiple RAID 680i help please!

Hey all, long time reader on this forum, first time posting.

I'm having some trouble trying to set up multiple RAIDs on my PC. I have had several hard drives fail on me in the past (on other computers) so I am a bit parranoid about losing data. Raid1 is my friend :)

So, Currently I have 2 RaptorX 150GB hard drives in RAID1 for my OS (Vista). and I had a 500gb drive for storage, but ran out of room. So, I bought 2 1.5TB Seagates. I installed the drives, formatted them and initialized them using Vistas Disk Management and they are both functioning fine, they show up in MY computer and in the bios.

The problem is, when I hit F10 at startup to view my raids, it shows my current RAID setup, but the option (N for New Array) is greyed out and unselectable. Also, in the Nvidia Control Panel, under storage, there is no option for create array.

Is my Mobo even capable of multiple raids? If so, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!!

EVGA 680i SLI mobo
4 GB kingston HyperX DDR2
Intel QC 6600 - OC'd @ 3.0 GHz
8800GTX by Foxxcon
Thermaltake armor case w/ liquid cooling.
CPU idle temp 33*C Loaded 47*C
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  1. I know your motherboard supports it, or at least RAID 0:

    Maybe you have download and install drivers for your RAID setup?
  2. I have downloaded and installed the latest Nvidia drivers for this board, but still no luck...

    Anybody have any ideas on what I could do?

  3. Have you enabled the new drives to be RAID'ed in the BIOS? If not, they would not show in the RAID configuring screen. BIOS lets individual SATA channels to opt in or out of the onboard RAID.
  4. Wow.... I'm an idiot...

    Thats exactly what it was raven! I thought there was just enable/disable raid for the whole board, but apparantly not.

    Thanks !!!!!
  5. Don't worry dustin, I share your idiocy :P
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