$2000 Gaming build

Hello community, I am looking into building my next stationary gaming computer. I have a &2000 budget I can spend and I need help and suggestions on what I should get.

Here's my current Ideal setup.

i7 3770k or 3550k
Asus sabertooth z77 mother board
Ripjaw 1866 16gb ram
1000w Rosewill power supply

and here is my question.
Currently I already have NZXT phamtom full tower case, Should I change the case for a better airflow performance? I am planning to Sli/Crossfire my gpu later. If yes which one? I am looking into one with side panel if possible. Also i am considering Rosewill blackhawk full tower, even though it doesnt have side panel it seems to have great airflow.
Here is my second question, if i dont have to change will h100i water cooling be able to fit my phantom case? Is there any other water cooling system within or below $100 that is better than 100i? I am planning to OC my cpu to at least 4.0 and at max 4.5.
Here is the last question, which gfx should i buy? 6702gb, 4gb, 6802gb, 4gb? which brand? I dont know if i want to keep my gpu at speed stock or Oc it. I am worried about heating problems. I will be buying 1 card for now and SLI it later. I will be playing at 120hz 1080p most of the time, but i'll be doing 5760x1080 sometime for fun too. I am more interested in nvidia because i mainly want a great fps in BF3. But, i did not disclud 7970ghz edition out just yet, so if yo guys can give some suggestions about the graphic card that would be great!

Thank you in advance!
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  1. i7 is a solid choice but i5 could work as well
    asus makes a nice solid mobo
    i'd go with mushkin or main brand over ripjaw
    i'd suggest a corsair psu instead. wattage is probably ok (but double check) i would be more concerned about having enough gpu connectors (some cards take 2 or more connectors).

    for cheap the 800d or HAF cases arent bad. you want at least 3-4 120mm or larger openings.

    honestly water cooling is not worthwhile as you can get similar numbers for less with good air.

    i prefer nvidia drivers so that is the route i always take (evga brand). since you plan on multipanel gaming pick whichever one is less buggy and performs best with that. any of them can handle a single panel.

    repost this in the systems section of the forum under hardware. you will get alot more responses there
  2. thank you so much for the feedback. and i'll do that!
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