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right this is a bit of a stupid question but one i get my setup and install everything into the case , do i have too just ut windows xp or vista cd into the dvd writer and away i go or do i have too load drivers up , first time build just wondering , also started a new thread as for some reason was'nt letting me add to the other one keeps says thread does'nt exist any 1 know why that is
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  1. Should work just fine to power on PC, put OS CD into drive, and install practically takes care of itself. Drivers should be able to be installed later. At least that's how it's always worked for me.
  2. The least you should do for a new build is clear cmos, load default & set up boot order.
  3. If you are not doing RAID, then you will not need to worry about HD drivers... probably. What MoBo?

    akhilles is right... make sure boot order is all good. Set CD rom to first, then HD. I don't know that you would need to clear the Cmos though.
  4. In all fairness I never had to change the boot order, and I'm sure I've never cleared CMOS...maybe I just got lucky.
  5. Be aware that some add-on cards require you to install the driver before you install the card. For example, the Linksys WMP-54G 802.11 b/g wifi card I have requires this. If you connect the card first and boot up, Windows apparently pulls drivers from the wrong place because the card won't work.

    So for each peripheral, check its installation instructions before you start your build.
  6. In order not to cmplicate things just connect one Hard Disk and every thing shoud run smoothly
    After installing OS and drivers you can connect other Hard Disks
  7. Let us know how your first setup went :)
  8. Unless you have something "special", just sticking the OS CD will get you started. One special for example would be installing XP or XPw/SP1 nad you have a SATA Optical drive. You have to hit a F key during bootup top load the SATA drivers. I am told that XP SP2 and Vista don't require this.

    RAID also generally requires similar action. I have never cleared a CMOS or changed boot order in 68 builds to date. If there's no OS on HD, it will look to next thing on list for example.
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