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Well, I want to get a new hard disk and I'm thinking of 750GB/1TB. I already have 250 + 160GB 7200.10s. As there isn't enough space, I'll get a bigger one and will run all three. Should I just get a 1TB Seagate or since SSDs will dominate, make do with the current space and upgrade after a year or so? I will use it mainly to store video files.
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  1. I think any hard disk you get now will still remain useful even after a couple of years later and even if SSDs "dominate". May I recommend you try out WD instead of Seagate instead? :)
  2. Only 16MB buffer is available of WD to me (1 TB). Seagate 32MB even for 750GB
  3. buy samsung HD103UJ ,1TB,32 mb buffer,7200's on sale on zipzoomfly.com
    i have same HD with excellent performance.
  4. Just to be clear, you can't order this hard drive] from NewEgg?
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