My first build. How am I doing?

Uses (the demanding ones anyway) will be primarily gaming and sound/video editing. As to overclocking: I don't plan on doing it right away, but I just want some piece of mind with the temps (hence the cooler). I also don't want to mess with pulling my mobo to install an aftermarket cooler later on if I decide to go for it.

The parts list:

Case: Antec 900

Power Supply: PC Power & Cooling S610EPS EPS12V 610W Continuous Power Supply

Motherboard: ASUS P5K-E LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Motherboard

CPU: Intel Q6600 (Is Penryn really worth the wait and extra cost? And no link, you guys should know what this is.)

Cooler: XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle CPU Cooler

Thermal Paste: OCZ Freeze

RAM: Crucial Ballistix 4GB(2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 800 SDRAM

CD/DVD drive: LITE-ON LH-20A1S SATA Dual Layer CD/DVD burner (48x CD-R, 20x DVD+R, 32X CD-RW)

OS : Vista Ultimate x64

Video card: EVGA 512-P3-N841-A3

Sound card: HT OMEGA CLARO (Yes, I do have a receiver I'll be running this to. And see the note about audio editing)

Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST3500320AS 500GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA-300 Hard Drive

Monitor: SAMSUNG 2253BW 22" 1680x1050 LCD monitor

I'll be getting the mouse and keyboard and a brick and mortar store, as I want to try it out first.

As to my parts list, is everything compatible? Good for the money? Reliable?

And lastly, a few n00b questions, as I've never done this before:

1. About how long does a build take usually take?

2. Static hazards. What precautions should I take? Is just grounding yourself regularly on exposed case metal enough, or should I take more precautions, like wrist straps, or doing this build on the kitchen table (where I wouldn't be standing on carpet.)

3. Is there a specific order I should install the parts in?

4. After it POSTs, what do I do? I understand I should look through the BIOS, make sure everything is set/detected correctly, set the boot order to CD/DVD first, insert the OS disc, follow the instructions, then install all the drivers? Did I miss any steps or get them out of order?
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  1. None of those links worked for me so they might be broken or its me.
    everything looks good. Personally i would go with a dual core but i know everybody on this forum disagrees.
    1st Q: My first build took about 2-2.5 hours
    2nd Q: Do it on tile and ground yourself regularly will do.
    3rd Q: Follow the instructions from your mobo or case
    4th Q: Thats it just pop open a beer and pat yourself on the back
  2. First of all that's a very nice list, you've made some good, wise choices. When you actually do the build, take your time, it's not a race. Set the board on the box it came in or any other non-conductive surface. Go ahead and install CPU and HSF,a stick of ram and the video. Power it up,make sure it posts B4 you ever install it the case. Sometimes I even go ahead and set ram voltages but you can also wait until it's all in the box
    Do what Mugen suggest after this and you'll be fine.
    Again, I'm going to tell you to take your time, usually when I get in a hurry is when something simple gets forgotten. I'm not going to tell you that everything will ok and run correctly when your done, but it should. You will have to install your heatsink B4 the board goes in the case, this will probably be the most difficult part of the build .
    GGOD LUCK and get back here of you need anything.
  3. Mugen, I disagree! Hang on, I also think a dual core is a better choice, so I'll need to disagree on something else...

    Time for build - hardware only: 30-40 minutes, with some good music thumping.
    Software - OS plus drivers, about an hour, unless you've got to go hunting for drivers that actually work, or the 101 windows updates you may (or may not) need. "Windows Update indicates you have 3,420 critical updates to instal which will take 19,773 minutes on your 33k dial-up."

    Also, good friggin luck with Driver Enforcement Signing Nazi Cop with the 64-bit version, you'll need it. Unsigned driver, my eye! Just install, damnit!!

    Do the OS, create a restore point, then the MB drivers, then video card, audio card, any other cards, create a restore point, do the Windows Update dance, reboot 14 times, create a restore point, there's a pattern here, methinks...

    Yep, keep off the carpet and don't wear your flannel pjs and socks while building, unless you sleep-build (the nocturnal multi-tasker you no doubt are).

    Double-check all the power connections before throwing the switch. Good luck!

    No, I really mean it, with Vista 64-bit, G-O-O-D L-U-C-K.
  4. You absolutely made some very nice choices.

    I agree with everyone else. Make sure you put in the bare minimum first. I had a heck of a time once when I tried to put in more than one stick of RAM (stupid Windows).

    Just take your time. Ground yourself. Follow the directions.

    With the 900 - you will want to plan your cable management as your putting the mobo in. It gets a little tight in there, but I love my case. I just redid the cables when I went to clean it out recently.

    Have fun. I had a blast putting mine together.
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