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Hi All,
I did It I built my first Baby.
E8400 @ 3.0
Arctic Freezer Pro 7 [A Bugger To Fit On]
Giga GA - P35 - DS3P mobo
BFG - Nvidia 8800 GTS O/C 512mb
X-Fi Extreme Gamer Sound
Antec 900 Case+2 Extra 120mm Fans
Corsair HX 620watt
8 GB OCZ Reaper PC 6400 - 800mhz
Vista64 Home Premium
1 X Samsung 20x Sata Burner Drive
1 X Sony DVD Sata Rom Drive
Akasa Card Reader
Saitek Eclipse 2 Keyboard
Razer Gamer Mouse 2000dpi
Hanns G 2ms 19" Monitor

Ok Built and installed Vista64, sorted out the pwm fan on arctic pro not spinning due to onboard fan speed setting.
CPU-Z Says
Core Speed 2000
Mutilplier X6
Bus Speed 333
Rated Bus Speed 1333

Surely This Wrong as wolfdale 3.0Ghz Dual on a 9X Multiplier
is there a bios setting I missed
I set it to 64 bit,updated before install of all ram started at 2, updated and added 6GB,Disabled onboard sound for x-fi ect
Also in cpu-z
DRAM Freq - 400 which is 800rated i believe
latencys are 6-6-6-18 = HOPED FOR BETTER TIMINGS
command rate = 2T

Can someone please advise any settings to help,also want to O/C to 3.6 on air do i just up the FSB in the bios to 400 or is there more.
Many Thanks For Your Time...!!!
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  1. The multiplier is low because of Speedstep (or whatever Intel calls their power saving mode). It must be disabled before OCing.
  2. it's E1ST tech or Intel speed step (or whatever, not sure the correct term) for Intel processor. But let me to get more thorough:

    For example:
    my computer (where I typed this) running an Intel P4 540 (3.2GHz)
    This processor supposed to run at 3.2GHz with FSB 800 or 200MHz bus speed (800/4).
    To achieve 3.2GHz, the proc set the multiplier to 16:
    200Mhz x 16 = 3.2 GHz
    Thus, 3.2 GHz is it's max speed (max stock speed to be exact, if you're OCing then the number would vary).
    Now, since the proc has the power reduction capabilities, whenever I'm not running any application, it would reduce the speed automatically (by reducing the multiplier in this intel processor).
    In my case, whenever I'm not running anything, I got reading at 2.8GHz. It's achieved by reducing the multiplier to 14 (instead of 16):
    200MHz x 14 = 2.8GHz.

    I believe this is happening for your proc as well.

    I noticed that sometimes the board will set the bus speed a li'l bit higher then normal or vice versa. Or at least what I read with cpuz. For my case with this P4, the bus speed is set to 199.6, which I got max speed 3194 MHz (a little lower then 3200MHz). In my E6750 cpu, the bus speed is set to 342MHz (more or less, forgot the exact number) instead of 333Mhz, so I got max speed at 2.72GHz (instead of 2.66GHz). This is all at stock speed (defaul setting). I'm not OCing nor changing anything on BIOS settings.
  3. so i disable speedstep ect in bios and set to 400 x 9 fsb only no other changes...??
    What about the ram though ect
    Many thanks
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