I have an Abit Airpace WLP-01 PCI-express card and I have checked the card phyically for the chipset ID.
My wireless card is a mini card and there isn't a chip visible with a sticker on it. All the information in the card is as follows:

AIRPACE 802.11b/g PCI-express mini card.
Product No:WLP-01
Model No:AW-GE870
fcc id : TLZ-GE870


00 15 AF 18 E3 1A AL

I can't determine which chipset i have or need. As I said, I have goggled everywhere.
Can somebody help me.
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  1. airpacer wlp- 01 chipset: ar2425 (802.11b/g) ar5007eg - almost possitive that is correct.. hope i helped
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