nVidia HybridPower on intel cpu-based platform -- when?

I'm quite interested in the HybridPower feature just released by nVidia for my HTPC, so I can watch movies quietly with less heat, but still be able to play some games when I want by turning on the dGPU (as subbed by nVidia). Any idea when this feature will be available on the Intel CPU-based platform? I only see motherboards for AMD CPUs right now. Thanks!
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  1. Either it will become available once Intel starts rolling out discrete GPUs or if they enter a closer relationship with AMDs graphics division. It is very, very unlikely that nvidia and intel will cooperate on this one.
  2. Sorry, let me clarify. I'll edit my posts/topic above. I specifically meant for Intel CPU-based systems. As I understand, this feature is for AMD processor-based motherboards right now. Thanks.
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