Rate my system please -Q6600, 2x 9600GT, 320GB RAID 0

Here is my build I picked out, please tell me what you think

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @2.4Ghz (OC to 3.4Ghz)
2GB (2x1GB) Crucial Ballistix DDR 800mhz
MSI P7N Platinum nVidia nForce 750i SLI
2x ECS nVidia GeForce 9600GT 512mb SLId
2x 160GB Western Digital Caviar SE16 in RAID 0
OCZ StealthXstream 600watt PSU
Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7 CPU Cooler
XClio Windtunnel Black ATX Full Tower

I think it has pretty good cooling for overclocking, a nice sturdy and good OC motherboard, SLId 9600GTS will offer great performance (even at x8 each), the RAID 0 will offer great HD performance, a nice quad core to process the world, and 2GB (i can get 4gb then later) for good memory performance

Tell me what you think please!
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  1. I think your asking a little too much to run 3.4 gigs with a artic freezer pro 7, and raid zero is only going to have a small performance diffrence for gaming, dont expect much from it. If i were you i would drop the second harddrive and grab the other 2 gigs of ram you want, prices are insanely low right now, and may not be for much longer, with the way the economy is looking.
  2. CPU: Great choice.

    Memory: Ditto

    Motherboard: Well... it is an NFart so I'm not sure what you can expect from it :D

    Video cards: Nice performance as long as the game scales well.

    HDDs: Don't know how much difference RAID 0 will make for you, except in games with lots of data streaming like stalker, oblivion and crysis. Even then, only expect it to be a bit smoother, not faster. 160gb is not alot of space either.

    PSU: Could do better, how much is that costing you?

    CPU cooler: Wasn't ever designed for quads, really not going to handle that kid of overclocking well.

    Case: Up to personal taste.
  3. some of it is alright, some of it is over-kill

    and the GPU selection is crap..... esspecially for gaming.

    would of been better off getting 2 8800GT's.... cheaper and pretty much the same performance.......
  4. 8800GT is cheaper than a 9600GT where you live?
  5. Hmm... 2 x 8800GT512s are the better option. I use them. They make me happy! Forget 9600GT. Fair weather friend, that one.

    I also run AID0 2 x 160GB drives. Used to have 2 x 320GB, but now they are for storage as single units. I noticed with AID0 not much difference most of the time, but with some games there is less coughing, farting and belching (of the HDD) with AID0 as randomizer has mentioned. You still have 320MB of storage, so that's ok, but if you need to save money and 160GB is enough, you can stay with one 7200rpm drive.

    Not a quad user, so I'd go E8-something-00 and OC its little freckle out. If staying with the quad and the OC you're suggesting, keep your cool, bbbbrrrrrrr *teeth chattering*, get the right cooler. Where there's smoke, there's fire!

    Ram is cheap as chips, more the merrier. Can't have too much ram, bam, thank you Mam! Keep up the good work. At ease....
  6. Well I went with two 160GB in RAID 0 because it has very high read speed and i do a lot of general task stuff and ect. so high read speed I think will benefit me.

    As for the 9600GT in SLI they perform greater than the 8800Ultra, 3870X2 and most of the top tier cards out there (i think the 9800GX2 also) so that delivers high gaming performance.

    Again though about 70% of teh stuff on this computer will be stuff other than gaming, so I think RAID 0 and a Quad-Core are good choices, maybe I should fork out the extra w/e and get 2GB more while its cheap
  7. just to let you know, 8800 ultra is only a few frames slower then the 9800x2, and the 9600 your thinking about getting is going to be slower then a 8800 sli setup.
  8. everything looks alright except the video cards
    and hard drives

    go with 8800gt or gts (512)

    as for hard drives: seagate cheetah SAS 15000rpm 147 gb and put two of those into a raid 0
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