Dedicated SSD Drive for OS

Just posting to see what you guys think - My question is: Would purchasing a low capacity SSD drive (30-60GB) to run all the OSs I use worth it ?

I currently boot
Windos XP
Windows 7

I haven't heard of any OS benchmark test (I dont think it's possible) and wondered if this would help improve boot times & reduce OS caused slow downs...
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  1. Well all SSD benchmarks I've seen online show satisfactory, if not improved, read/write performance compared to your traditional hard disk. If anything, people only fault SSDs for supposedly draining a laptop's battery faster than hard disks.
  2. I've installed a 32GB MTron SLC drive for my system (Windows XP 64 bit) with a quad core CPU and it runs like a dream, no waiting for anything, windows and menus open just like they're still in cache. I have a 1.5TB RAID5 D drive that's runs like an injured Mountain Yak in comparison.

    Also use one for the Laptop, same drive with a 500GB secondary, software compiles in seconds.

  3. Thanks for the feedback. I posted this in May - and after a few discussions with the fellows at the hardware store, determined that SSDs were particiularly unreliable in these early stages.

    However, OCZ has been pumping out cheaper and cheaper drives, with newer firmware updates aswell. So, this is all still up in the air.
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