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Hey guys...long time no see..
A friend of mine wanna buy my old complete system including my old monitor and keyboard, I mean the one with E4500. And he need it fast, and I have agreed to him about that.
That is why I am thinking about buying myself a new system around next month.

This is my plan :
Intel E8200
Mushkin DDR2 1000 4GB
HIS ATI X3850 256MB
Seagate SATA 500GB 32MB 7200rpm
Coolermaster elite RC331 (2 x 120mm fan)
Corsair 450W (without OC)
Abit Airpace 54MBps WLAN PCIex1
Artic Coolin Freezer pro 7 or Thermaltake TX2 + thermal paste from Zalman
Logitec EX110
Samsung S203B/D SATA
The total price is around € 930,-
I'll spent, in total after adding the money I'll got from my old system, around € 450,-
Well but that's about all the money I have right now.

What is your opinions on this one? Any suggestions or if you want to share me your experience?
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  1. What's the use of this pc? Will it be overclocked? How much?
  2. akhilles said:
    What's the use of this pc? Will it be overclocked? How much?

    This PC is gonna be my all rounder PC. I like to watch movies, play games alltough I am not a hardcore gamer, normal internet use, office, autocad and school work. I would like to add a tv tuner card someday.
    If you ask me if I wanna OC it, than ya but I'll not going too high, perhaps only till it reach around 3GHz. I will search for the highest value possible without increasing the electrical voltage value given to the processor.
  3. I would like to change my mind about changing the PSU to TAGAN 400W.
    This should more than enough. the 450W is way too big. I would like to buy the lower version but I think TAGAN has only 400W and above.
  4. 450W is not way to big, I'd consider a Corsair VX550 even, with what you're going to be doing with it and the possibility of overclocking 'a little big' wouldn't hurt a thing.
  5. Dont go with a 8200 go for the e8400 much better multipliers ect
    why go 1000 with ram my OCZ Reaper 6400 800 will out pace most 1000 and 1066 with just a little o/c and gigabite ga-p35-ds3p a very good choice for your set up as well, agree with chuckm go with 550 watt
  6. For chuckm and mstaxi :
    1. Thank you for your answer.
    2. E8400 is abit way too expensive for me.
    3. Actually I am considering GAX38DS5 not GAP35DS3P. I like the X38 chipset, beside P35 is old now since the X38 and X48 came.
    4. OCZ Reaper 6400 hmmm...nice I'll think about it.
    5. About the PSU, I think you guys should take a look at this :
    And yup...450W is already too high, when you gonna OC your system a little.
  7. About the PSU, I already found a friend using TAGAN 400W, it can fit even for 2 8800GTX and a E6400, with a note that he didn't OC the processor and I think he doesn't have any more free room with that PSU.

    My old-old system using Pentium D805, 6800GS, 2GB DDR2 533, 2 HDD, 1 combined with a 350W Antec PSU, and it still run perfectly even after almost 4 years since I bought it.
    Don't rely too much on the PSU calculator guys, especially the one from , because this exagerated your power needs.

    Conclusion : I'll use only one X3850, I am very much confident that TAGAN 400W is sufficient.
  8. Tagan isn't a bad brand, just unfamiliar to some.

    Surprisingly, the PSU calculator is quite accurate. I have an 830w UPS (no typo, it's backup power; power blackout, bring it on!!!) & the UPS software tells me my 4.2ghz pc is using 28%. or 232.4W idle.

    Nobody will believe my family pc (amd 5000+ black o/c to 3ghz) is using less than half the wattage of my main rig.

    They're pumping out 2000W psu's. Where's the 3000W? Damnnit!!! :)

    It's just that some prefer to play it safe & stick with recommended requirements. Doesn't mean other solutions won't work.

    X48 is already out in Europe in small supply. I don't think you need that for what you're doing. P35 is more than capable to handle those tasks. After using X38, I wouldn't go back to P35 if I had the money. It overclocks better than my P5K.

    If you can find E3110 for a good price, it's the same as E8400.

    Yup, you need only 800mhz ram for light to moderate overclocks.
  9. Hmmmmm.....Xeon E3110? I can only find one or two stores in Germany that sale it and you know what? It is cheaper than E8200, but I have to pay for it first before I receive it ''someday'' plus it is written ''the waiting time is unknown.''

    It is too =*#!§=+-%&/()? to find!! "§+#*'!!
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