What program can I use to unlock a locked hard drive?

I have a 1.4TB drive that I was using with my wife's iMac. Half is partitioned to store videos being edited in Final Cut Pro, the other half is used for Time Machine.

Well, I have an xbox 360 connected to my tv, and I copied some files to my hdd (which is mac formatted obviously) thinking I would connect it to my 360 and watch the videos on my tv. That worked nicely - I don't remember if I got a message that asked me to re-write any permissions or whatever - but now I am screwed. I plugged it back into the iMac and it keeps giving me the error message that I don't have sufficient access privelages. I have done extensive research and tried 'repairing the disk' and repairing the permissions and none of those have worked (both inside os x and from the install disc).

So I have resolved that I have to re-format, re-partition, and start over. However I would like to get access to my files and copy them off (not the Time Machine stuff just the videos and Final Cut project files).

Are there any good programs that will help me out with this?

I have also plugged the drive into two windows machines (Windows 7 & XP) and neither can read the drive. It asks me to initiate, but it doesn't even show up in windows explorer. I see it in 'disk management' as a logical drive but I don't even see both partitions.
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  1. By the way, open-source programs are preferred and I can run both os x or windows applications.

  2. I finally find a good question that mimics my problem, somewhat, in that my drive is locked through all of this Pentagonian permission garbage. We never had permission problems with XP, and this is a pain. I need to get into my full functioning HD but cannot. System asks for scan and fix OR format!! Some genius must have an answer for this. Seems a lot of people are foruming about it.
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