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xfx 8800gt or evga? help me decide

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
March 30, 2008 5:13:24 PM

I'm buying at 8800gt 512m. I'm looking at 2 different brands for about the same price.

One is xfx 8800gt 640mhz 512mb 1.9ghz gddr3, the other is evga 600mhz 512mb 1.8 ghz ddr3.

The xfx one I take it must be slightly factory overclocked, and it is actually $10 cheaper.

Should I buy the xfx? Is there much difference between the 2?

My system: amd 64x2 4200, 2gig ddr2 dual channel ram, 600w ocz stealthxstream psu.

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March 30, 2008 5:21:03 PM

I personally would take the eVGA, mainly because I've been a loyal customer for my past three cards (7800GS, 7900GT, 7950GT KO), and their customer service has been fantastic. I had to RMA my 7900GT twice, and both times the RMA service was prompt, easy, and I ended up with a slightly nicer card than the one I had sent in.
You pay a premium for eVGA, but I think the overall experience you get more than makes up for it.
a c 271 U Graphics card
March 30, 2008 6:00:38 PM

And I vote for the XFX because I've had several of their cards including my current 8800GT's and I've never had a problem let alone had to RMA one
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March 30, 2008 7:02:35 PM

they are both good companies.... take your pick!

I am biased towards XFX though!!! ;) 
March 30, 2008 7:05:22 PM

Evga apparently lets you overclock the card and still keep your warranty, but XFX has double life time warranty! So meh!
March 30, 2008 8:06:47 PM

EVGA supports after-market cooling and has the step-up program, XFX has a lifetime warranty for you and anyone you sell the card to. Other then that I can't say I would feel bad about buying either unless the XFX one has that crappy cooler(not the reference nVidia cooler, the one XFX also uses on their 8800GS, it doesn't cool as well and is louder)
March 30, 2008 8:19:13 PM

eVGA are good as they ahve their 90 day step up program.

I would go with XFX though as I've used them for years and have never had a problem.
March 30, 2008 8:30:17 PM

personally I like BFG. I never went wrong with em!
March 30, 2008 9:01:46 PM

I am putting in my vote for eVGA. Their step-up program is what sold me on them. Since you are buying an 8800GT you can step-up after 90 days to the 8800GTS 512 if you end up needing more horsepower.

I have not had to RMA my 8800 (fingers crossed) and their warranty allows you to overclock to your hearts content. You can even remove the stock cooler and replace it with a third party one if you so desire. So long as their is no damage to the circuit board you can RMA it if it breaks.

I have had good experiences with the eVGA forums. I have not owned an XFX product so I do not know how their support is.