Hearing a static, crackling sound from Realtek onboard on windows 7

Hearing a static crackling sound from my desk top monitor - Just happen in the last 3 days? The crackling sound is coming from monitor
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  1. You need to setup a username that isn't an email address.
  2. Just went through this issue on a newly built pc, Seems to be related to Gigabyte motherboards and the 'easytune' application, I installed the whole cd the mobo came with and unfortunately ended up with it, uninstalled easytune and problem solved. this thread put me onto it after thread after thread of people guessing.. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/7919-63-hearing-static-crackling-sound-realtek-onboard-windows?571e9f1eefcae=reload Trilobite53's answer pointed me to the issue and I couldn't find the exe he was talking about i just uninstalled the application.
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