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I am considering these two SSDs:



Here's what I want to be fast: disk searches, Windows boot, running applications, and such as that. I used to do a lot of video editing and conversion, but not as much anymore. I know the Intel has higher IOPS, and I know that means it can do more transactions at a time. On the other hand, the OCZ is a little faster bandwidth-wise. However, one thing that I noticed is it says "Sustained Write: Up to 100MB/s" whereas, if I understand correctly, the Intel is 170 MB/s for both random and sequential. What is your opinion? Thank you.
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  1. I should have said "running and using applications", I suppose. Mail searching is something I'd really like to be as fast as possible (I use PocoMail).
  2. Grab 2 or more OCZ vertex in raid 0 for insane performance. Over 600 reads and over 400 writes with 4 drives.
  3. Today, I think the intel ssd's are the best. They even have a bios update that improves the performance of the X25-M. I think the X25-E is a bit pricey for what you get.
    The problem with the other mlc drives is in the writing area. There can be long delays in writing under some common situations.

    Look at these performance charts, and pick the most applicable real benchmarks(not systhetic transfer rates):

    The SSD situation is very volatile, and I expect significant improvements in price and performance over the next year.
  4. geofelt said:

    The problem with the other mlc drives is in the writing area. There can be long delays in writing under some common situations.

    Both of the drives mentioned are SLC.
  5. i think Intel still produce the best SSD for the time being. but a lot of companies introduce SSD's at lower price. So if you want a balance between price and performance, get OCZ. If you want super-duper fast and not money-restricted, get Intel SSD.

    anything in raid will perform better too
  6. Thanks much for the feedback.
  7. If money was no object then you could go for the > ioDrive Duo, with this you get 700mb read & 550mb write speeds,
    *BUT* !! the draw back is you can't use it as a boot device & the price $3000 +.
    also 64bit OS is also required.
    Or you could wait to see what Western Digital come up with seem as they have decided to enter the SSD market.
  8. Yea, I would go with the ioDrive Duo if it were bootable. I had my eye on that ever since before the first Fusion-io ioDrive was released, but sadly, it is still not bootable. I use Windows XP x64. So, I'm all ready for it except for that.
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