q6600 extremly hot! plz help

hey, this is my first post on this forum and i hope i can get some help with my prob :)

so this is my first build and i have been enjoying the performance since i have only used laptops before
i recently decided to o/c my q6600 g0 and bought a new HS: the CM sphere, so before i installed the new HS i thought id check the temp with the stock HS at stock speeds and i went into panick :ouch:


those are the idle temps and after i ran a few games and apps in the background and it hit the mid 70c! i was afraid to even run prime95

this is my config:

q6600 g0
intel dg31pr mobo
xfx 8800gt
ODIN GT 550w
raidmax aztec case with 2x 120mm and 2x 80mm fans

i think the mobo is very hot and that could have something to do with it. my airflow is good and it is usually around 20c in my house, i have not installed the aftermarket cooler yet and would really like to get back on track with my o/c

and help is greatly appreciated. thanx
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  1. Install the aftermarket cooler. It will do wounders for your temps. Only thing I can think is that the stock HSF is not seated right.
  2. Those are not extremely hot temps. 80-90 is...

    First thing to do is try to turn off your boards auto fan speed. If that does not help(Intel wants to keep it quiet, and that temp will not hurt anything. Those are about the same as my load temps.). You may want to try to reinstall the heatsink. Make sure you clean the old thermal paste off and apply a fresh new layer. If you have the board out of the case you can see if the fasteners went all the way through the board on all 4 corners.

    From your HDD temp i would say the case is not overheating.
  3. The high temp is actually the MB's temp, not his CPU's. Ok, ~55C is great, but with stock cooling it isn't terrible.

    Have you tried other monitoring software for your MB's temp?
  4. mid-50s are good for load, but you're showing mid-50s idle with the speed lowered to 1.6 and voltage to 1.16 (power saver at work). I agree with other posters, that 70 degree temp is the motherboard, so it depends on what it is measuring (northbridge?), or even if the program is detecting temp correctly.

    i'd install the after-market asap and then see what happens.
  5. @nukemaster: thanx, im sure i would get 80-90 if i ran at full load but i dont wanna try that :). ill try what u said and i think i shud tell u that i have a HD cooling fan beside it.

    @jeremyrailton: thanx i know that is the Mobo temp ,the 70c i was talking about is the avg. temp when i was running a few progs at the same time, but i will put on the aftermarket :)
  6. Damn sure.
    The Q6600 it's very hot!!! in my case, on idle the temperature stuck at 64c and in full load rocket to 92c with standard HF. Lol, and i tought to use a refrigerator to cool it down.
  7. I think you should check your heatsink(make sure its mounted right). 92 is too hot.
  8. Mine idles between 37-39 centigrade, load no more than 53, change your heatsink.
  9. lol is it possible that i have a cpu that produces alot of heat?

    im not at home right now but as soon as i get home i will install aftermarket cooler and post results
  10. All the cpus(Well all the Q6600 G0's) should produce around the same amount of heat. For a G0 Its supposed to top out at 95 watts.

    Remember turn off the auto fan speed....
  11. i just ran prime 95 for +- 3mins and temps where 88-90c !! now im really scared!

    just realized i need to get alchohol to clean of thermal paste so ill put on new cooler 2morrow
  12. @nukemaster: how do i turn off the auto fan because im using an intel mobo and the bios are locked?
  13. Check under

    Advanced > Fan Control Configuration Menu
    and set Fan Control to disabled.

    This should allow the fan to run full speed all the time.

    There may also be a Unlock Intel(R) QST option to allow you to control the fan from windows with apps like speedfan.

    90c is too high for sure.

    Can you remove the board and see if all 4 pins are properly pushed through the board? if not you can try to turn the pin in question pull it up turn it back and try to push it in right. if its just one pin you may not have to take the heatsink off at all.

    It should look like this

    What aftermarket heatsink are you getting?
  14. Well i would not put the system under heavy loads until you get that fixed up...
  15. Damm
    All your termps are high
    Mobo 70
    Gpu 53
    Ambient 43
    You have a problem in air flow inside your case
    First of all
    Organize your cables well to allow for better air flow
    Check the speeds of all your fans
    Reduce the ambient temp inside your case and the mobo temp also
    Then install your HS+Fan
    With the existing temps I'm not expecting much improvement after installing HS
  16. I would suggest you check the heatsink for the chipset of your motherboard as the high temperature (70degree cel) is related to motherboard instead of CPU, CPU temperature lower than 60 degree cel at full load for a while is normal. Also check if the airflow inside your Chassis, if no special air channel, it would be better for front panel air blow in and back panel air blow out.

    You may check the product on this link for the Chipset cooling.
    For CPU cooling.
  17. ok , so i installed the new HS and temps have dropped to around 35c idle and about the airflow in my case, i have an raidmax aztec:


    it has 2x120mm fans, on intake in the front and the other sucking air out at the back, also has 2x80mm fans on the side. one intake next to the gpu and another outake next to the cpu. ill try to organize my cabling now...

    im happy that my temps are better but i still want them a little lower espesially if im going to o/c :)
  18. just ran prime95 for a few mins and highest temp was 59c, should i aim for lower temps on stock if i want to o/c?
  19. you should run prime longer to let the temp reach its max. At least those temps are MUCH better.

    there is a guide in my sig that will help you determine safe temps. Q6600 @ 3.0(an average oc that does not increase power use too bad...3.6 uses 100watts more for only 600mhz...not worth it to me) i get about 57(on the hottest core and 51 on the lowest) in a 24c room.

    Now 21c room 54 47 51 49 full load...I've pushed 70 when i had nothing better to do then oc more...or test fanless
  20. thanx, also im wondering what the normal vcore is for a stock q6600 because mine is showing 1.27
  21. Please take a few minutes to read the other Q6600 threads on the same topic Eternal ... many of the old posters have put some useful advice you can use.

    Vcc max = 1.55 Volts for Core2Quads (I wouldn't push this much voltage through one of these without phase cooling and a lot of bourbon and cash for a replacement handy).

    Stock Voltage depends on the stepping of the CPU.

    The GO step is a 95 Watt cpu - 1.225V ??
    The B3 step is a 105 Watt cpu - 1.325V ??

    There was a lot of variance in the stock voltages across a number of previous posters so if someone has the definitive link please post it ... Intels site has tables and graphs for Vtt and it makes little sense.

    Many have gotten these up to 3Ghz (which is a nice nominal overclock) without bugger all voltage increase from stock ... and that is great.

    Here are some general tips to help you cool the beast.

    Case fans and airflow ... check they work and are in the right direction ... machine or cutout the rear grills to improve airflow in the centre of the fans.

    Tidying up the cabling inside to let the air flow properly

    Applying TIM ... clean the hsf and IHS first and apply a small amount evenly.

    Reseating the HSF or getting a better one ... check it is locked down properly

    Flashing the bios ... sometimes the sensors don't read properly without an update to the bios.

    Overclocking ... push the frequency as far as you can go with a small increase in voltage ... remember an extra 100 Mhz isn't worth it if the temps are going nuclear because you have pushed the voltage too high.

    Read some of the other Q6600 posts by using the search box in the forums.

    Enjoy :)




  22. 1.25 is normal, but i am not always sure how accurate board sensors are.

    Under load mine reports 1.18 @ 3.0

    As said above. its not always a good idea to go too far with overclocking since you hit a point of "too much heat for an extra XXXMHZ". For me to add 600 more it costs 100watts and 10-15c more heat.
  23. lol so if i try and get this to 333 x 9 =3ghz how much of a temp increase could i expect? (rough estimate)
  24. well on stock voltage it a little over 20 watts more heat. my best guess 3-5c with that heatsink(dont quote me on it tho).

    You have nothing to loose by trying.

    Just remember when you OC that the ram speed goes up, so make sure it does not go over its specs. Use a divider if needed.
  25. well ill try that as soon as i get a new mobo, is there any way for me to unlock the bios on my intel mobo so i can o/c?
  26. If its not in the bios i do not know of a way(there is some software people use, but i am unfamiliar with it) for that board.
  27. I have Intel DG31PR main board with core2Duo 2.4GHz. Bios indicating the Mother Board Tempreture is 74C. South Bridg chip is physically wery hot. What is the wrong..? Pls help me
  28. The south bridge is gonna feel hot, but if you can touch it for more then a second it under 60c and for a computer 60 is nothing.

    I do not know if you remember the old S3 Virge/DX/SX cards(PCI 4MB one video output and windows 95 :)), they had no heatsink and did not need one, but they got hot enough to burn you. My TV cards built in CPU is the same, hot, but not too hot(for a computer part).

    Now onto the board temp, i can only assume Intel is taking that from the north bridge. How hot does that aluminum heatsink below the cpu get? It is a large heatsink and should not have any issues cooling that chipset, but if you are worried you can attach a 40mm fan to it with zip ties(screws work but leave marks.). See if this reduces the temps. Remember there is also a video card in that chip, so hot may happen.

    One last place they may hide it would be near the voltage regulators. if its there, do not worry, those can take heat, i have had some over 100c on video cards.
  29. To reduce your temp
    1.Your board is the lowest priority for a quad core...hehe
    2.Check for the heat sink is well seated.
    3.U check whether ur board have a 4pin fan connection named AUX fan.There will be 4 pins in it like a cpu fan connection and also 2 or 3 3pin fan connection will be there in addition to that.
    4.if there is a 4pin fan connection ,then buy one 120mm 4pin dc 12v fan and seat it in ur chasis rear....
    5.speed of that fan will be controlled by ur motherboard depending upon ur i/o and MCh temperature...including motherboard temperature
    6. in 3pin fan connection connect 80mm fans and place in front part of chasis...
    7.If this dosent work then ur chasis should be too compact small size....
    8.If ur chasis is also too big..then u have to check again for hat sink seating.
    9.If this dont :D change ur board to a better 4series board or goto msi or asus board....where u can fan speed with speedfan
    10.only selected intel boards fan can be controlled with speedfan...
    dg31 dont....
    11.dg31 is good only for core2 duo upto 2.2ghz
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