2TB Western Digital Review


* ~20-30% performance gain as compared to a Caviar Green of the same capacity.
* Superior build quality.
* Low (no) vibration.
* Enterprise class features unavailable on consumer grade drives.

* Enterprise class pricing (though you get what you pay for).

Are these drives too much for consumer use?
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  1. Probably. You also have to consider their power consumption. Even if this is an enterprise-version of the Green Caviar, it probably uses up more. Worse, consumer-level caviar greens don't exactly have a good rep.
  2. Despite the price, I am actually salivating over buying a pair of Western Digital RE4-GP WD2002FYPS 2TB HDDs.
  3. I do know the 2Tb green onces get HOT! HOT! HOT!
  4. They shouldn't get any hotter than one of the old 4 platter 1 TB drives. What kind of temps are you talking about?
  5. I read it somewhere, forgot where. I'll try and look for it again. It could be a tom's article.
  6. It gets ~39 degrees Celsius and ~ 102 degrees Farenheit

    Its the Hottest one on the graphs. Hotter than 1Tb.
  7. at 21 canadian cents per gb, this drive is just about 2x more expensive per gb than the 1tb green version. I'd advise consumers against those drives until the prices settle a bit. There is no point in spending twice as much money on storage drives because they are new (unless you are a prosumer with monies) :P
  8. I wish I had a black credit card to help you out...
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