First Overclock successful, but have a few questions.

Hi guys, I'm new to the forums and overclocking in general. I started learning about it a few days ago, and attempted my first overclock last night. I've got a bit of an older rig. Specs are:
- 1.7ghz celeron 400mhz
- DFI PE21-EC/EL mobo FSB 100mhz (MOBO Specs) (When I run AIDA32 this is what it tells me, so I'm not sure if it is an EC or an EL, and I cannot find it written anywhere. I *believe* the difference is a 100mhx GSB or a 133mhz FSB)
- 2 x 256mb RAM pc2100
- Geforce FX5200 Video Card with a CPU Heatsink and Fan mod
- 350w power supply (I ran a calcluator, it looked like I was only using up to 250w.)

As for the overclock:

- I increased the FSB from 100mhz to 125mhz
-Voltage from 1.7v to 1.85v (the max the mobo will let me go is 1.925)
This took me from 1.7ghx to 2.1ghz. I ran Prime95 for 4+ hours after I finished with no errors. If I messed with the DRAM settings in the BIOS the computer was unstable, so I left them at default which is 3 for Latency, 2, 2, 2, 6.

I also used RivaTuner to OC my FX5200, and took it from 250/400 to 289-489.

I used 3dmark2001 to benchtest the computer before any mods were done at all, and after I finished OCing both CPU and GFX card. Scores went from 1800 to 4750. I know its not the newest version, but it was a quick download, and 2001 is about right for this computer :)

I did have a few questions though.
(1) When I was in BIOS and tried to mess with the multiplier I could change it anywhere from 10 (min) to 22 (max), but no matter what I changed it to, it never really would change from 17, which is the default setting. I would have liked to drop that to raise my FSB, but no matter what i did, when I would boot up it would never change from the 17 multiplier. My best guess is that the multiplier is locked, but I am unsure because anytime I've heard about a locked multiplier, it usually has an x next to it in BIOS and you are just unable to access it at all. What are your thoughts on this? Am I correct that it is locked? Would I be able to get software to be able to change the multiplier?

(2) The Max the mobo will let me raise the FSB is up to 132mhz from 100mhz. The 1.7 celeron is rated at 100mhz, but there is a 2.8mhz available, but is rated at 133mhz. I cannot find anywhere how to raise the FSB above 132mhz. (Mobo specs here ) I have read about how on some mobo's you can switch a jumper and change it to 133mhz, is this option available to me? And if I were to get that 2.8ghz processor could I run it at 132mhz and just raise the multiplier on it if I can get that to work for me? Or would I be better off getting the 2.4 that is rated at 100mhz? These processors are sub $20.

(3) I did some research on the temps that this 1.7 celeron can handle and it seems anywhere from 67C-77C. When I ran Prime 95 I had SpeedFan monitoring my temps, and under 100% load after 4 hours it was hanging at around 68C and spiking at 72C and going as low as 65C, am I safe at these temps? As for Cooling I have the regular Exhaust fan that comes on the Power Supply, I have a lower front mounted intake fan, the stock fan and heatsink on the CPU, and a CPU heatsink and fan mounted on the FX5200.

I think this about sums it. I could use any input you guys have, other than *buy a new PC*. That is definitely in the works, but as a broke college student I make do with what I can, and I wanted to get a feel for the overclocking gig. I think I gave all the info that you guys may need, but if I missed something let me know and I'll include it.

Thanks for reading.
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  1. Your components are relatively old. At least I consider any component a museum piece if it is over 5 years old.
    I am not an authority on your motherboard's BIOS nor have I ever owned a celeron:
    question 1: I think your multiplier is locked, therefore unchangable.
    question 2: do not know
    question 3: heat is your enemy. An after market heatsink and fan can greatly improve the cooling of the CPU.
  2. I've got another question, I had 2 1gb 200mhz sticks of ram come in the mail today, and after hooking them up my computer will not boot with the current overclock settings. What is it that I need to change to make this work again? I went from 2 x 256mb ram pc2100 to 2 x 1gb PC3200. I set the DRAM frequency at 400 for the new RAM. Is having the FSB raised to 125 overclocking the RAM? should I set the ram lower than 400? or should I change the voltage on the RAM? or up the Voltage for the whole mobo? Or if there's something else I need to do, let me know. Thanks.
  3. maybe your ram can`t handle a overclock :\...
  4. I would go back to stock setting. Then put one stick at a time in.
    then try your OC.
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