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I have an external CD drive that I would like to get the CD that came with the box. It was a Xmas gift. It is a Magicspin Model 5232UI.
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  1. Here is the owner manual for the unit.


    The CD that came with it apparently had a software that could be installed to burn CDs. A free software like this would provide the same function as the software that came with unit and probably better.

  2. Is there a software disc available?

    I misplaced the one that came with the unit.
  3. I believe the software disk that came with the unit is referred to in the manual as, 'bundled burning software'. Typically this 'bundle' would include, for example, an OEM version of Nero or similar. The manual does not state which specific 'bundle' was included. There may have possibly been several different bundles included at different times. Wish I could help more.
  4. Can you describe exactly what it is that the CD did that you wish to create?
  5. I tried to burn a CD and I tried to play a disc. I got nothing.
  6. Perhaps try deepburner free CD burner. Download it and install the software and try burning a CD. The Magicspin CD burner does not require the burning software included with the unit to burn CDs or work properly for that matter. Try Deepburner free. It could be the player is defective if it will not burn CDs.

    Click on the Free 1.9 downlaod link, download and install.

  7. Go to the manufacture. They will have all the answers.
  8. jawn said:
    Go to the manufacture. They will have all the answers.

    The manufacturer has no online product page.
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