Seagate HD stopped Working suddenly

first of all i have always used this site to solve problems.
but this time its a bit diffrent :| my studio projects HD has gone dead

3 days ago i tried to put cubase on and ive noticed that my hard disk does not work.
i tried to reboot
tried to check in the bios
i changed power cable for the HD
changed SATA cable for the HD
other sata connections

nothing has worked
i have alot of important stuff in this HD

im talking about
Seagate 500GB 7200 barracuda

and i have another one just like this holding the OS

i really dont know what to do ..

and another strange thing is that when the non working hd is connected its taking to the first bios screen to go very very very slow(instead of 2-3 sec.. 2 minutes) and also in the windows loading(instead of 10 secons... 3 minutes[the bar is sliding not smooth at all.. with stopping every time])

\the mobo is gigabyte GA-x48-dq6

i hope there is something to do
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  1. yes it is
    i followed the process and it only recognize the OS drive ...
    i tried it twice but only the os drive
    i dont get it

    its a new drive (5 months)
    it didnt felt
    the computer didnt get any hit
    cleaning dust
    good cooling system

    what can it be ?
  2. If the drive has locked the only option is to RMA it, you need to contact either whoever sold the drive or the local Seagate agent.
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