Thinking of upgrading again :D

So my current system is in the sig. below.

I am thinking of changing my MB (since the one I have is not the best) to either a 790fx or Nforce590. The N590 does not support phenom unless theres a bios update as we all know.

I am debating on selling\trading my 3780x2 for two 8800GT. Will this be a wise move? I've heard some people having problems with nvidia's SLI chipset as well. Either way, I will be upgrading MB but am just wondering if i should go SLI since it scales really well with my favourite game COD4.

Going Nvidia route, I cannot upgrade my graphics performs (since its already 8800GT SLI) but with ATI's route, I can add another 3870 or 3850 or 4850. What do you guys think?
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  1. Wait for the next gen cards to point upgrading since u already have 3870x2
  2. go for the 790fx its not that expensive, and w8 for the hd4870x2
  3. I think you will be making more of a rather side step, than an upgrade (at least in terms of your current performance). The 8800s may be a little better than what you have in COD4, but I can't imagine it is that much better.
  4. Last I heard, 2x3870 were pretty competitive with 2x8800gt, due to driver scaling.
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