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I just updated to Norton Antivirus 2010 today (from 2009) and now when I start my computer it shuts down immediately, right after the login/password screen. I don't get the start-up music, or anything else. It goes right into the close-down music and shuts down. Can't find any help on Microsoft Website, and I doubt Symantec would help. Any ideas?
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  1. Tap F8 on startup, and try booting into safe mode.
  2. Yes, tried booting into safe mode, and tried using last known good configuration. It still opens and shuts down right away. I can get into non-Windows mode, but I'm not sure what I'm doing when I get there. And, not sure if I can do anything from there anyway.
  3. What do you mean by 'non-windows mode'? Can you describe it, or how you got into it?
  4. Well, after looking at it again, I guess it's technically Windows. Can't remember what I clicked on to get there (I'm not where that computer is right now). It looks like the old DOS screens - black screen with something like c:/Windows> as the last line it posted. Up above that there is a paragraph that tells me I can type exit to get out of the screen.
  5. Oh, I should have mentioned I got into this screen/mode from the F8 menu.
  6. That sounds like 'safe mode with command prompt.' That will do nicely. At that C: prompt, type:
    That will open the system restore points. Choose a date on that calender that's before the problem started.
  7. It said "the command is not recognized. Type HELP for a list of supported commands." So, I looked at the list--quite long. systemroot is on the list. I even tried typing the line without the % on either side... Any other suggestions?
  8. Yes, my screen looks like the inset screen you posted. However, I did type it exactly as you gave it to me--and I tried it several times--no spaces, exactly the same. I will try it again... but I'm not holding my breath.
  9. Do you have an XP disc?
  10. yes, I'll try that next. thx.
  11. If you've got an XP disc, try running a windows repair.
  12. Up and running again. Didn't lose too many settings (that I know of, so far) except for having to reload printer drivers and update a few things that had an older version with my XP disc. Thanks for your suggestions and help.
  13. Yep, all your personal data and programs should be uneffected. The repair should just touch system files.

    Good to hear. Thanks for the update.
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