My latest built! Tell me what you think.

I read the forum alot and here's my latest built tell me what you think, and what could probly be added. Everything is perfectly stable.

Case : Antec 900
Mobo : Asus Maximus Formula
CPU : E8400 @ 3.9 ghz (stock voltage)
CPU Cooler : Zalman CNPS9700 (Nvidia/black)
Ram : 2 gig OCZ Platinum pc6400 @ 1038 mhz (stock voltage)
PSU : Thermaltake 500watt
HD : WD 250gig (i don't need any bigger for now)
Video Card : Asus GF8 8800GTX (factory clock)
Monitor : Acer P243w 24" 1920x1200 2ms

OS : Windows XP 64bit

Next step will be to upgrade to 4gig+ of the highest DDR2 ram on the market.
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  1. ya done good !!!! :)
  2. Nice. You just bought the ram & you're upgrading them? That is your limit? I don't think so. Your limit, unless I'm missing something, would be the cpu cooler. Save up for H2O cooling or TEC.
  3. I just wanted some cheap rams to start with and as for the limit i wanted something stable with the stock voltage. My CPU and MB are both idling at 25Celcius with my case setup. I'm freezing just sitting beside the case :D
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