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Hi, I installed Windows XP Pro 64-bit on a friends computer. after the clean install the computer is unable to access the internet because there is no Network Driver. The computer is a Compaq Presario SR1950NX. Please I really need help getting his computer to work.
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  1. please i really need help! i've been looking around on the internet forever and can't find any drivers that seem to work on his computer.
  2. what mobo is it? you will probably have to downlod the driver pack for it
  3. I checked that mobo on HP/Compaq.

    They do not list XP 64 as a supported OS for the Softpaq that contains the audio driver. That doesn't have to mean anything. On-board audio (which alot of those computers use) chipsets are made by others. Can you find out what the chipset is for your audio? -Is it Realtek, Silicon Image, etc? You can find out by running msinfo32.exe or one of the third-party system analyzers (Sandra, Belarc). The info *might* be in a manual somewhere, but I doubt it.

    Anyway, if you can find out what the chipset is, search for a driver using that angle: Google: "Realtek ALC8190 Driver XP 64".

    Betcha find something...
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